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33 Hilarious and Funny Signs That Would Make You Do a Double Take

Funny Now Star Wars

What about Star Trek toys, are they good?

Funny Worth Pennies

Worth what?

Funny Love Us Pets


Funny We Havecookies

Your move, Subway.

Funny Nypd


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They must have seen some things.

Funny 2 Biscuits

How many biscuits can work there?

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Funny Must Clams

I have questions.

Funny Now Clue


Funny Face Remover

Well, that doesn’t sound good.

Funny No Parking At All

They mean it.

Funny Lettuce Know

Leaf me alone.

Funny Only Parking

They mean business.

Funny Eaten Pizza


Funny When You Open

What a name!

Funny Unless Dog

That dog would be a star.

Funny Swimming Tanks

Glad they made sure we knew.

Funny Sign When Yougo


Funny Sign Wallingford

They might be right.

Funny Sign Congrats

Nailed it.

Funny Sign 8 Inches

No shrinkage.

Funny Senior

Good rate for seniors.

Funny No Allowed

Get on it.

Funny Married Orders


Funny Forgive Enemies

And it gives you peace, I guess?

Funny Driving Essentials

Not so much…

Funny Be Safe


Funny Balcony Level

Big distinction.

Funny Breaking Bread


Funny No Way You

Says you.

Funny Mcdonalds Proof

I mean, are they really that excited?

Funny We Now Serve

Previously they didn’t.

Funny Pumpkin Oil

Now my car can be basic too.

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