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31 Great Inspirational Quotes about the Past and Making a Great Future

Quote Beinghere

Look toward the future.

Quote Didalot

Live for the future.

Quote Dontdeal

Don’t let it find its way back into your future.

Quote Justsnake

It’s part of life.

Quote Memories Meant

Know the difference.

Quote Onceyourpost

Just imagine!

Quote Pastcould

It has no place doing so.

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Quote Shattered

You can’t, so don’t try.

Quote Sometimeswe

Sometimes, but not all the time.

Quote Thinktomorrow

But you can make a good future.

Quote Yourpast

Don’t take up residence there.

Quote Incrediblechange

So take control!

Quote Partcant

Embrace that and empower yourself to a great future.

Quote Pastcant


Quote Spendminutes

Moving on is certainly a better choice.

Quote Alotpeople

Keep looking at where you’re going.

Quote Stop Acting

It’s never guaranteed, so move on!

Quote Lovedoesnt 1

And that’s its power.

Quote Whenletgo

What a lovely idea.

Quote Shipdoes

Sail on.

Quote Paststrapped

It’s there.

Quote Oppsfly

Don’t just sit in regret.

Quote Never Where

It always comes back in some way.

Quote Everytime

Then move accordingly.

Quote Dontlive

You don’t live there anymore.

Quote Whenyouget

Acknowledge it.

Quote Cantstop

No one can.

Quote Onlyfools

Don’t be like that.

Quote Pastlook

Treat them accordingly.

Quote Dontlet

You don’t deserve that.

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