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20 Funny Hilarious Quotes to Have a Better Week

Funny Wantsomething

That would just be senseless.

Funny Twotacos

Read the room.

Funny Tapthat

Do they?

Funny Dontfood

It’s not.

Funny Recesss

The best.

Funny Beforekids

That’s why.

Funny Villagethey

Is it far?

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Funny Wayless

Just change it up.

Funny Starving Dinner

Oh absolutely.

Funny Scariest Ever


Funny Retainfood

Change your perspective.

Funny Noreceipt

No one does!

Funny Justagirl

Poor mom.

Funny Filerorder

A friend.

Funny Dropped Still

Put a case on it.

Funny Drinkwater

Just a day.

Funny Diet Code

Horrible word.

Funny Bloodtype

Pure coffee.

Funny 910

They lie!

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