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Are you prone to breaking the law every time you drive your car? Do you have a lead foot? Chances are, if you are a speedster, you probably will never be cured, even if you drive a lot. Why not use the latest technology to facilitate your speedy ways while avoiding getting caught?

If you think I’m talking about an old-school scanner, think again. New technology takes advantage of new ways to communicate with other drivers. The Escort Max 360 has digital signal processing (DSP), directional technology and smartphone connectivity, and you need all of them to avoid those pesky $150 speeding tickets.

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But that’s not all the Escort Max has going for it. It is rated for X, K, Ka, Ka-Pop and laser signals. It has a dual antenna setup that can scan for the signals from every direction. It also has the ability to react quickly and at long-range. The biggest change from prior iterations of the Escort is that it has an arrow indicator that helps drivers know where the police car is coming from. That means drivers can identify police cars that aren’t a threat, while also finding the ones that are nearby so drivers can slow down in time.

The Escort Max also has a GPS-enabled Autolearn, which keeps track of false alerts over time, so that it can learn to distinguish between real and fake problems. It also has a Defender database that consists of pre-loaded red light and speed camera locations, making the device very knowledgeable indeed. The Escort Max of course also has its own app which lets you share speed trap data, real-time radar activity and local speed limit info with others in the community. It essentially creates a hive-mind for people who like to speed.

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Sounds cool, right? But does it work? Tests show that the Autolearn function really does learn to distinguish the signals quickly, after just a few days of driving. As for the links to other drivers, the device performs admirably. It uses Bluetooth to link to smartphones, which becomes something called “Escort Live.” This system is a free app, available for both iPhone and Android users, and it provides reliable ticket protection by giving you a clear picture of what’s going on in your area, from red light camera locations to speed limit data and real-time alerts in the area. The app runs fairly smoothly. To report goings-on in the local community, all you need to do is swipe left. To mute the device, it just takes one tap. Waze may be the best option for crowd-sourcing since it has a much larger user base, but Escort Max still has more options for the hardcore drivers.

So how much will all this awesome power cost you? Take a deep breath: it costs $649.95. At that price point, the device is obviously not for everyone. For those who are often on the open road, it might be a must-have. 

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Available for Amazon Prime
Available for Amazon Prime