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37 of the Funniest Animal Pictures

Animal Catchafry

The face of most of us catching a fry.



Animal Catcouch

The cat thinks this is fine.


Aw, she’s a real direct cat, gets right to the point.


Animal Catfoodsteal

He’s got moves.



Animal Catjar

Where…where she go?


Animal Catlionking

Avenge me, he says!


Animal Catneuter

Cutest little patient ever.


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Animal Catpole

Soon she’ll be addicted to the nip and hitting the mouse a little too often.


Animal Catroll

The face of guilt.



Animal Catsink

This is like an image from Game of Thrones.


Animal Catskinny

The fat one has made a path for all the other cats.


Animal Catslap

But is this really a catastrophe?


Animal Chubbycat

If he fits, he sits.


Animal Dogbenc

Caution: ears may become entangled in benches. 


Animal DogcakePriceless reaction and she can eat it!


Animal Dogcatchball

That’s one way of putting it.


Animal Dogdrugs

Got a cat? Got some sweet nip here too man.


Animal Doggravity

He forgot how to dog.


Animal Doggreen

Why, it’s a dog of a different color!


Animal Doghammock

Sometimes we need to feel things as emotionally as dogs. Take dog in the simple!


Animal Doglifebetter

This dog is living the dream. Pillow for his window, cool house, everything.


Animal Dogparkcar

I’ll hold you, I’ll make it okay!


Animal Dogpumpkin Dogs are sometimes…not smart.


Animal Dogsign

Viva la dogs! Treats for all!


Animal Dogsleepdog

You know what they say, it’s a dog sleep dog world.


Animal Dogtag

This is the greatest dog tag ever.


Animal Dogwindy

Poor little pup is going to blow away.. but hey, models pay thousands to have windswept hair like this.


Animal Geckoflip

Gecko thinks you can just gecko heck out.


Animal Hamstersnapchat

This is why snapchat exists. 


Animal Horsestable

That’s enough horsing around back there.



Animal Huskyproof

This dog is a genius and we need to learn from him.


Animal Portaldog

Peekaboo! The doggone dog disappeared again.


Animal Snowloaf

The snow loaf must not be disturbed unless for treats. Treats are okay.



Animal Spiderpic

She makes the same face as humans.



Animal Throwit

We can only describe this as “impawssibly cute.”


Animals Japanesecat

First rule of owning a cat is to know that everything paper will be destroyed at some point.

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