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Originally posted on April 1, 2017 @ 9:26 am

37 Funny Animal Pics That Will Make You Smile

37 Funny Animal Pics That Will Make You Smile. More funny animal pictures here.



Too fat to walk, or waddle.

Can’t walk another step in this mall.

It was worth it.

Why’d you have to do that?

If Tarzan were a dog…

Mean leaf hunter I am!

I’m in a good spot.

Is this a game? Cool!

Is that poppy corny?

Not amused.

If it quacks like a duck…

Just wanted to let you know.

It’s too late for me!

I need to lose a few pounds…

Everything loves stuffed toys.

Don’t leave me!

Danger danger….

Oh no you don’t!

Dogs can’t read…

I ruff you!

Talk to the hand.

Well what have we here….

No Pictures! You aren’t my Tiger King!

It looked like it fit!

Soo pouffy and cute!

You can feed me now1

Hitching a ride.

It’s not a lie!



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