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4th of July Memes for Foreigners

July the 4th, independence day is a big deal. Fireworks light up the skies, smell of bbq fires fill the air and family and friends get together, all to celebrate the day that this great nation was born. However, there are many amongst us that aren’t Americans but have become friends are are invited to celebrate the heritage of our country. If you’re not from here, but celebrate the 4th of July, check out these 4th of July Memes for Foreigners that I’ll bet you can relate to!

A Russian Arranging America Mix Skittles Into A Russian Flag

Putin is meddling in forth of July celebrations now too!

Australian Wedge Tail Eagle Vs American Bald Eagle Meme

“That’s not a knife… This is a knife” kinda comparison.

Whisper About An American Girl Wanting To Break Up With Her British Boyfriend On 4Th Of July Meme

That would be low… but oh so funny.

A Brit Arranging America Mix Skittles In British Flag Meme

And this would be his revenge.

The Queen Looking Stern With Caption The Colonies Are Quote Rowdy Today On 4Th Of July Meme

And the Queen would not be pleased.

Union Jack With Caption Happy Treason Day Ungrateful Colonials Meme

A meme fit for a Queen.



How Anyone Who'S Not American Feels On 4Th Of July

Misery loves company.

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