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5 Ways to Protect Your Child Online

The truth be told, the internet was never designed for young minds. Unfortunately, as technology continued to progress, little munchkins started to have massive exposure to a lot of information. The problem with the internet is, it allows people from all across the globe to get connected. Similarly, it is so easy to use modern gadgets that it becomes difficult to keep a child’s mind safe. This is why millennial parents need to keep a check on their kid’s online browsing skills. Here are a few ways you can protect your child online:

1. Limit Screen Time

You will be shocked to know, recent research suggests that extensive screen time doesn’t cause any psychological damage in young children. However, there is a lot of skepticism with regard to this conclusion, which is why it is better to limit the screen time of your children. There are several domestic activities where the entire family can come together without the intrusion of the screen. Secondly, whenever they use it, make sure you know what they are watching.

2. Update Your Privacy Settings

No one can deny, online predators are always looking for fresh bait in the form of young children. Therefore, it is important for you to know who your kids are speaking to when they’re calling somebody on skype or Facebook messenger. Online predators often disguise themselves as young people online to befriend little kids. As a concerned parent, you should manage the privacy settings in a way that kids don’t have access to people who are way older than them.

3. Use Mobile Tracking App

If your kids are going away from home, you must install  [ezlink option=nolist  links=link2]  system to know about their whereabouts. In today’s time, it is imperative to know about the company of young children. Mobile tracking apps don’t just allow parents to track the locations of their kids but also informs them if they’re going In a no go zone according to the app setting. Such apps are pivotal in ensuring the maximum safety of kids when parents aren’t available at home.

4. Monitor Devices Remotely

Unfortunately, many kids are rebellious and don’t listen to their parents when they want to monitor their devices. Most kids make their accounts online, which gives them access to different corners of the internet. You will be surprised to know, there are many programs that help parents in keeping an eye on the browsing activities of their children. Before you install an app of this kind, make sure to read the customer reviews.

5. Have Total Access to Devices and Accounts

The easiest way to protect kids from online abuse of any kind is to keep a hold of all accounts and high tech gadgets. Even if your kids resist, as a parent, you must teach them about the notoriety of the internet and how tough things can get if they don’t talk about the issues they’re having with people online. Your child should never have access to sensitive data online without your consent.



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