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54 Memes for Finals Week

Finals Wrote With My Tears

It took 17 hours. I hope you like it. 

Finals Week Searches

Very relevant searches right now.

Finals Starbucks Iv

Drain it into my veins.

Finals Some Will Die

So benevolent.

Finals Remember Brain

Here’s a cool jingle you heard on the radio a week ago though.

Finals Ready For Christmas

Get this over with.

College Finals Week Quotes

Pain is temporary…
gpa is forever.

What is this?!

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Finals Reads First Page

I will do it or I will die.

Finals One Word Cups

Gotta get that caff.

Funny College Finals Week Meme

Not sure if i’m calm because i studied enough
or because i don’t give a sh*t anymore

Or maybe a combination of the two..

Finals Noone Similar

I’ve made a huge mistake.

Finals Me Studying Words

Just some though. 

Finals Me Before

I will sleep on all on the notes and therefore, maybe I can learn via osmosis.

Finals Look Sleep

Oh finals week. The halls are alive with tears.

Finals Library Sign

This library knows what’s up.

Finals Lastnight

I also haven’t slept in 48 hours.

Finals Know Fail Well this is going to suck.
Finals I Want

Just let me lay down and cry.

Finals Hearing Voices

My brain is broken.

Finals End Of Semester

So great. What’s worse is the next one is soon..

Finals Elf Great 40 MinutesAnd I only cried twice.
Finals Did Okay

And they say superhero movies aren’t “real.”

Finals Colleges Students

Also crying. 

Finals Close Wave This isn’t good.
Finals Chart Office I have made a chart instead of studying. 
Finals Broccoli

He’s vegging out.

Finals Week For College Quote

On the 2nd week of xmas my teachers gave to me:
5 all-nighters
4 hours of crying
3 mental breakdowns
2 thoughts of dropout
& a month of anxiety

Thanks, all!

Finals Brain Gone

Bye, brain, I don’t need you.

Finals Be In Your Favor

Come on, curve.

Finals Are Coming

You may not survive.

Final Tears Notes

That way they’re fresh for many cries.

Motivational Quote For College Finals Week

Keep studying,
you can sleep/cry after you get your degree.

Sadly, he’s right!

De909111C7C3555E2030081365528F91 This is terrible. 
Check My Answers

He’s got a point.

Final I Study

But they’re the best hours ever.

Final I Wish My Heart

Me during finals.

Final Its Gone South Park

Nice 20 minutes we had here.

Final Need 600

Can you round it up?

Finals Take Up MostDo you enjoy this? Do you think this is a game?
Finals Evil Laugh

Oh how they believed me.

Finals Find Memes

Here they are!

Finals Asks If Im Ready

Funniest thing I’ve ever heard!

Finals Bird

This is not good.

Finals Lecture Determined

It was all a lie.

Finals Staple Money

Please take this as a token of my gratitude.

Finals Shapes

Everything in my brain is burning down.

Finals Smeagol Free

So freee!

Finals Straight As

Why you say that?

Finals Failed Too I’m not the only failure!
Final Reading The First

What is this? English? Da hell?

Motivational Quote For College Finals Week

Finals week
where there’s no makeup
and your clothes don’t matter.

I once turned in a final in my pajamas. My better days.

Finals Easy ThoughtI want to smash everything in sight.

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