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How to make a BBQ bacon volcano potato.

Alright, seriously people, what’s not to love about this BBQ Bacon Volcano Potato amazingness? Nothing. I’m a huge fan of all things BBQ and all things bacon, so naturally I would love this – you probably will also. After this check out the bacon bomb.

After you bake the potato, make a little hole in the top and remove some of the inside of the potato so that you can stuff in smoked turkey and cheese – or pretty much anything else you might want in there. Then you wrap the outside of the potato with bacon.

Cook your soon to be amazing BBQ volcano potato over indirect heat at approx. 325 degrees for about 45 minutes -ish. You might want to coat the bacon with some sort of sauce about 5 minutes before these are done cooking. Now all you have to do is yank these off the grill and toss on some chives and you’re good to go.

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