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How to make some yummy beer can bacon burgers.

So the guys from BBQ Pit Boys show you how to make some amazing looking Beer Can Bacon Burgers. It is pretty much a way to use your beer can as a way to form the meat and bacon into something you can stuff then grill. This might be one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Well this and the Bacon Bomb.

It’s a BurgerFest at the Pit with this “stuffed with what you like” grilled Bacon Cheese Burger. And it’s a real easy to do hamburger recipe as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

And here is an Alligator Recipe these guys made that I thought I’d add into this post.

The BBQ Pit Boys cook up a 5 foot Gator, stuffed with Crawfish and Andouille Cornbread. They serve it with sides of Fried Oysters, and Crawfish tails on a Po Boy Sandwich.

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