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How To Build A Boat From A Single 2×4

So a man named Stephan entered a contest – Summers Woodworking Creative 2×4 Competition 2015 – and was allowed to only use a single 2×4 and 10% “other stuff”, so he built this pretty awesome little boat. The reason he used those trash bags on the boat was because they would be easy to remove after the contest. You can view a pretty decent step by step picture guide on how to build this boat out of a single 2×4 HERE. After this check out a few woodworking tips.

“This was my entry for Summers Woodworking Creative 2×4 Competition 2015
The rules said I can use a real 2×4 , so my 2×4 was 5cm x10cm and 8 feet (240cm) long. The rules said also I can use 10% other material, this is the reason why I covered it with this ugly plastic bag and I used duck tape so I can remove the plastic bag easily after the contest. The design was really bad and I do not recommend it. I made no plan only a little model to get an idea what it should looks like.My biggest mistake was to use a extra board for a seat. Without this seat it should be much more better. The weight of this boat is 6,7kg.”

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