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It was a typical day for one school janitor as he was getting ready to finish cleaning up the school. Then, as he was just about to finish he noticed something very strange. There was an abandoned cardboard box sitting outside of the school. When the janitor went outside to inspect it he couldn’t believe his eyes!

20. Detroit, Michigan

Image: Detroit Free Press

It was a typical evening for one school janitor in Detroit, Michigan. All of the children had gone off home and he was cleaning up the halls of the school. The janitor never expected that something unbelievable would soon happen.

19. A Knock

Image: Detroit News

As the janitor was finishing tidying up, he heard a knock coming from the front door of the school. Naturally, the janitor was curious about what the knock was for and so he went to investigate. He soon came across an unexpected surprise.

18. Looking Out


Before opening up the door, the janitor felt that the safer choice would be to look out the window first. As he peered out he saw a little boy running away from the direction of the school. That’s when the janitor decided to open up the door.

17. Opening the Door


The janitor wanted to know what all the commotion was about so he swiftly opened up the door. As he stood there with the door open the janitor noticed that the boy had left something behind. There was a cardboard box placed right in front of the door.

16. Cardboard Box

Image: NTD Television

There, in front of the janitor, was an abandoned cardboard box and sitting inside was a lonesome pup! The box also had a note taped onto it that read, “Sorry it didn’t have a home, and it was cold so were going to give it to you. Please do let it go find it a new home. Thank you.”

15. A Teacher


The janitor swiftly brought the abandoned puppy into the school. He then got in contact with a teacher that was known around the school as an avid animal lover. The teacher quickly rushed over to pick up the pup!

14. Named

Image: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

The teacher rushed over as soon as she heard the news. Then, her and her son decided to name the sweet dog Snowflake. However, Snowflake wouldn’t be in their custody for long…

13. Animal Rescue

Image: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

The teacher promptly contacted Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, an organization that works diligently to help injured, sick, and homeless dogs in the Detroit area. She was able to arrange a rescue between Snowflake and the organization so that the sweet dog could be properly cared for.

12. So Cute

Image: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

She was so cute,” Theresa Sumpter, founder and director of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, told The Dodo. “I guess this child had wanted a better life or a home for the puppy. We’ve never been able to make contact with him, but it looked like he was trying to take care of the puppy.”

11. A Blanket


In the box was a blanket for the puppy,” Sumpter added. “There was some dog food and some slices of lunch meat. He actually poked holes in the box so the puppy could breathe.”

10. Unwilling To Leave

Image: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

Looking at Snowflake’s size, rescuers presumed that she was around 7 1/2 weeks old, making her a baby! However, as rescuers attempted to get him out of the box, Snowflake decided to put up a bit of a fight. It seems that the box actually gave her a sense of safety.

9. The Box


She really likes the box — I don’t know why,” Sumpter said. “She likes to sit in the box, she likes to lie in the box, she likes her toys in the box.” So Sumpter allowed Snowflake to sit inside of the box as she was transported over to the rescue.

8. Vet Visit

Image: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

However, Snowflake would soon have to leave the confines of her box in order to get some proper treatment at the vet’s office. Once at the vet’s, Snowflake was dewormed and vaccinated. Then, it was time to put Snowflake into a wonderful foster home.

7. Foster Care

Image: Animal Channel

Although Snowflake was a pretty healthy pup, the animal rescue didn’t want to immediately place her up for adoption. Sumpter went into great detail explaining why the rescue chose to put her into foster care for a bit. Her reasoning may surprise you…

6. Backstory


We never know what the backstories are with these dogs,” Sumpter said. “So for safety’s sake, we have her on stray hold just in case someone comes forward and says, ‘Hey, that’s my lost puppy. I didn’t know what happened to it — it got out of the yard.’

5. Child’s Reasoning

Image: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

And maybe the child picked it up, and the only thing they knew to do was put it in a box and take it to the school.” This is the very reason why the rescue has postponed Snowflake’s adoption.

4. Doing Well

Image: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

So far, Snowflake has been doing great in her new foster home. Her foster family absolutely adores her and find her a joy to be around. Snowflake is so grateful for all of the love!

3. Coming Forward

Image: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

The rescue has allotted a certain amount of time to anyone to claim Snowflake as their pup. They want to ensure that all options have been crossed off before making any permanent decisions in the dog’s life.

2. Adoption

Image: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

However, if no one comes forward to claim Snowflake then she will go up for adoption! The organization will make sure to vet and choose the absolute best choice for Snowflake’s forever home. After all, she deserves it!

1. Wonderful Adjustment

Image: Facebook/Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

For now, Snowflake is just enjoying her life in her foster home. “She’s doing wonderfully,” Sumpter said. “They have some dogs there that are really mothering to her, so she’s enjoying life in her foster home.”

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