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Coming across a pack of wild and hungry wolves is a nightmare situation for just about anybody. When this horse found himself in the midst of a pack of wolves he knew he was in trouble. However, his immediate survival instincts kicked in and you won’t believe what he managed to do.

20. Terrifying Situation

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Can you think of a more terrifying situation than being face-to-face with hungry wolves? There may be a few, but this one still takes the cake. That’s the situation that this one horse was in and it was far from unique.

19. Predators

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Wolves are natural predators and will attack if and when necessary. They have been known to attack horses and devour them. That’s why when this photographer saw the situation unfolding before him he began to panic.

18. Photographer

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It was a gorgeous day out with snow covering all of the land. A photographer had set out to take photos of nature and the still beauty of it all. That was when he noticed a majestic horse prancing its way over to a wolf pack…

17. Hungry

The horse was hungry and was searching for something to eat. There wasn’t much vegetation left but he did eventually find some. However, his lunch happened to be right beside the wolf pack.

16. Brave Strut

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It seems that his hunger was beginning to cloud his decisions because the horse made his way over to the vegetation without any worry. He dismissed the appearance of the wolves and went over to feast. The photographer began to fear the worst as he watched the situation continue…

15. Grazing

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The horse continued to graze amongst the Italian wolves and the photographer was holding his breath, waiting for the fight to break out. Oddly enough, however, the wolves had a very strange reaction to the horse and the photographer was blown away.

14. Watchful Eyes

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As the horse continued to eat his food, the wolves did not choose to gang up on him or attack. In fact, they just stood by and watched the horse and he made his way into their area. They looked pretty confused by his appearance.

13. Backing Up

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What’s even stranger is that some of the wolves actually backed away from the horse as he walked over to another patch of grass. One of the wolves that had been directly near the horse backed away as well. Many of the sleeping ones woke up to the commotion.

12. Thinking

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The wolves worried that the horse would attack them first. They saw his large hooves and legs and realized that he could possibly pack in a punch. So they simply waited around to see what would happen next.

11. High Tensions

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The photographer continued to record the interaction as tensions began to rise. The horse continued to slowly move closer toward the pack. The pack, in return, stared in awe, as they couldn’t believe how close the horse was getting.

10. Nose Down

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Image: YouTube

Throughout the entire time, the horse kept his nose down, focusing only on the grass. He wanted to show that he was not going to be a threat. The horse was only there for some food and the wolves needed to be made aware of that.

9. Tensions Growing

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Finally, it seemed as if the tensions were at their all-time high. The photographer recording the situation was expecting this to be the end of it all. Then, the absolute strangest thing happened….

8. Odd Behavior

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Image: YouTube

When the photographer least expected it, the horse did the strangest thing ever. While standing in the middle of the pack, the horse lowered himself to the ground and started to play in the snow like a young puppy would. The sight was unbelievable.

7. Unbelievable

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The photographer and his pal that was with him both shouted out “No!” The two men couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. The horse continued on with the odd behavior and it was an astonishing sight.

6. Playing Around

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The horse was lying on the snow with his back and kicking snow all around. He was having the time of his life. With his tail, the horse swept up a clump of snow and it fell all around the area.

5. Rolling Around

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Image: YouTube

Then the horse began to have even more fun with the snow! Just like a young child would, the horse began to roll around in the snow. Back and forth he rolled and the wolves could not understand what was happening.

4. Alpha

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Image: YouTube

Without a care in the world the horse immediately established himself as the alpha of the situation. The wolves couldn’t understand why the horse wasn’t scared of them. They all stared in shock at the one horse that managed to prove his bravery to them.

3. Dusting Off

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Image: YouTube

After his fun time in the snow, the horse picked himself up and got off the ground. He quickly dusted the snow off of himself as he stood up. The wolf that was standing by closest to the horse jumped at the sudden snow that hit him.

2. Attention

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All of the wolves had their eyes on the horse that showed off in front of them. They quickly realized that the horse meant them no harm and the horse trampled along on his way. The photographer filming it all was blown away by what he saw.

1. Nature

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Image: YouTube

This entire situation goes to show that nature and wild animals can be highly unpredictable. One horse was capable of holding back an entire pack of wolves thanks to his bravery. This horse serves as a great example to us all when it comes to facing scary situations.

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