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Build A Simple 40 Pound PVC And Fiberglass Bow – For Less Than $7.00

If you have seven bucks laying around why not put it to good use (instead of wasting it on a 12 pack of Natural Light) and give building this bow a go. BackyardBowyer is at it again showing you how to make a pretty simple 40 pound bow out of PVC and fiberglass rods. This guy also sells books on how to make his bows HEREIr?Source=Bk&Amp;T=Funnybeaver 20&Amp;Bm Id=Default&Amp;L=Ktl&Amp;Linkid=75287Cf1977F17011429F72B9Dc819C1&Amp; Cb=1456182325171.

Build A Simple 40 Pound PVC And Fiberglass Bow – For Less Than $7.00

This bow requires no heat and no shaping. It makes use of fiberglass rods assembled into a simple bundle bow inside of the pipe to distribute stress away from the handle and evenly across both limbs. It’s a solid performer, shooting more than its weight and at par with typical wooden selfbows (100+ draw weight = speed of 10 gpp arrow).

Since it doesn’t require a lot of “by eye” work, everything can be done separately or in assembly-line fashion and each bow comes out almost identical to every other bow. This makes this bow great for backups, as each bow will shoot identically to the last. One thing to mention is that a fully round 3/4″ pipe bow at 1″ wide will shoot just as accurately as a flattened and formed 1″ pipe bow at 1″ wide.


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