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If you are having a bad day, then you came to the right place because these upcoming pictures are going bring a smile on your face! Have you ever seen a chipmunk having fun on comfy bed sheets? Well, better prepare because you are going to and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

20. Cute and Lovable

If there’s something everyone knows about chipmunks, it must be that they are some of the cutest and most lovable animals in the world! Don’t believe me? Just keep reading and see for yourself.

19. Stuffed Mouth

You have to admit that the way chipmunks stuff food in their mouth is downright hilarious! Their food appetite is bigger than their size!

18. No Comfort In Tress

What’s interesting about these little animals is that they sleep in trees. Therefore, they don’t really know what comfort is all about. But the star from our story discovered fresh sheets and its reaction is incredible! Prepare to drown in cuteness!

17. Comfortable Bed

Chipmunks have no idea how comfortable fresh linen sheets can be and the way they react to seeing them is amazing. You won’t believe what one chipmunk started doing after getting on a comfortable bed!

16. Curious Little Fella

Just look at how cute this little guy is! Isn’t he adorable? The owner of this adopted chipmunk wanted to show how a comfortable bed feels like but little did he know, the chipmunk was going to put on a show for him!

15. Sniffing The Sheets

The chipmunk started sniffing the sheets right from the moment he got near them. He just wanted to make sure that nothing bad is going to happen to him!

14. Biting The Sheets

Knowing that chipmunks have no idea what bed sheets are, no one can blame this little fella for trying to take a bite out of them. Maybe he was just hungry. And then…

13. Notices The Camera

As the chipmunk was getting comfortable, he notices the camera! How do you think he reacts to this?

12. Not Shy At All

As we can clearly see, the chipmunk is not camera shy at all! In fact, he started posing for the camera. Make sure you keep reading because the upcoming pictures are hilarious!

11. Stretching His Back

The animal quickly understood what the bed was used for and he started stretching his back. Just like everyone does after spending a long day at work. Then he has an awesome idea…

10. Relaxing

What better way to relax after climbing trees and looking for tasty nuts all day long? This chipmunk knows how to spend his free time.

9. Enjoying Himself

It didn’t take long for the chipmunk to start feeling comfortable in his owner’s bed. I don’t think he will be able to get him off anytime soon.

8. Stuffing His Face In The Bed Sheets

Even though the owner didn’t give the chipmunk a pillow, this cute guy found something even better than that! He started stuffing his face in the bed sheets and this made him sleepy.

7. Yawning

This is what happens to everyone after staying a couple of minutes in bed. Sleep just gets to you. The next picture will crack you up!

6. Sleeping In Trees

I don’t think that this chipmunk is going to sleep in trees anytime soon. Although, who would when they can choose this comfy bed instead?

5. Falling Asleep

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go take a quick nap. What about you? Do you feel the same?

4. Warm Bed Sheets

The owner might have made a big mistake showing the chipmunk his bed because he is surely not going to get him out of there easily. The owner is better off buying another bed now because he lost his!

3. Huge Yawn!

Once you start yawning you don’t stop until you fall asleep. It seems like this is the case for this little chipmunk as well because he can’t stop from yawning.

2. Stretching

Did you ever think a chipmunk would love playing around in bed sheets so much? I had no idea that he would enjoy beds so much.

1. Resting

Now that fun time is over, the chipmunk is falling asleep. I bet that he will wake up energized and go to collect nuts as soon as he wakes up!

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