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The FAA recently grounded a drone delivery service for ice fishermen.

A popular service for the ice fishermen and women on the lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin a couple of years ago – the drone beer delivery service from Lakemaid Beer, was shut down by the FAA. It’s a shame really, I think, that this got shut down. I don’t go ice fishing way up north but I bet if I did I would have had some beer sent out to me on a droneIr?Source=Bk&Amp;T=Funnybeaver 20&Amp;Bm Id=Default&Amp;L=Ktl&Amp;Linkid=101Dcf8B24E926C258614771D47033D7&Amp; Cb=1451919416858. After this check out a quad copter with a flamethrower on it.

We were a little surprised at the FAA interest in this since we thought we were operating under the 400-foot limit,” Supple says via email. He adds that the beer-makers “figured a vast frozen lake was a lot safer place than [what] Amazon was showing on 60 MinutesVia –


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