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How To Make The Fishing Bazooka

The Fishing Bazooka is a simple DIY bait launcher for the guy who needs to be able to get his bait out really, really far. The Fishing Bazooka is pretty much a potato gun for fishing. Just this basic setup will launch your bait/lure up to/over 100 meters. This little setup can be easily modified or upgraded to cast out heavier baits or cast your average size bait even further. Check out the other tutorial from this guy on how to make a trolling motor out of an old angle grinder.

“In this video i will show you how to make a simple spudgun that shoots fishing lure at 100m. Using the right mix of oxigen and simple gas from a spray can. I had a lot of fun shooting from the beach even if i didn’t catch no fish… 🙂 Be careful do not imitate my actions. Ask the opinion of an expert person.”

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