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One of the best knife sharpeners out there is a Knife Strop. Here is how you use one.

Welcome to the world of Knife Stropping. Knife Stropping is an old school technique to get your knife realyyyy sharp. Like sharp sharp. You probably wouldn’t want to bother stropping this knife, but if you have a knife you use for skinning or cooking then knife stropping might be for you. A knife strop is pretty much just a piece of leather and a piece of wood. After you have sharpened your knife, however it is you sharpen your knives, get out the knife strop. The knife strop aligns the knife’s edge and will help the knife cut. If the knife strop is loaded with a compound then it will polish the blade and get the blade even sharper.

Discover Knife Stropping – THE KEY to Getting RAZOR Sharp Blades EVERY TIME – just like the OLD Timers Did! In this Video, I’ll show you how to make and use a leather strop to Get Razor Sharp Knives Every Time!

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