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Get a Lekue Chocolate Fondue Set and Enjoy Delicious 5 Minute Fondue


Rethink date night this year with a Lekue Chocolate Fondue Kit. I’ve been to the Melting Pot, the chain fondue restaurant, and like most people, I love a good chocolate fondue. This year, I thought why not do this at home? I’d save so much money, and so I went with the Lékué Chocolate Fondue set.

Pronounced lay-kway, Lékué is a Barcelona company that makes quality home kitchen silicone accessories in bright colors and sleek design to make it fun to cook at home. That can definitely be said of the Lékué Chocolate Fondue set, which lets me have a fondue party at home.

I’ve seen those fondue kits they sell at various kitchenware stores, the ones that are packaged with a few pieces of chocolate, but I prefer the Lékué Chocolate Fondue set for several reasons.

Lekue Chocolate Fondue Set

First up, it’s healthier than traditional fondue sets. It consists of a microwavable Bain Marie where the chocolate melts gradually so it doesn’t burn. You don’t need to add any cream, butter or oil to melt the chocolate either, so that cuts down on your calories.

Yes, we’re consuming chocolate but hey, every calorie counts. Second, it’s easy. You just encase the silicone part, put the chocolate in the cavities, heat for 5 minutes and stir.

There are three compartments for all of that chocolate goodness, and if you want some ideas, there’s an included recipe guide. Whether or not you can use it for cheese is anybody’s guess, but it seems like it might be possible.

Lekue Chocolate Fondue Set 2

What I like about the Lekue Chocolate Fondue Kit, other than letting me consume chocolate, is that it’s so easy a kid or novice cook can use it. The set even comes with four two-sided skewers so you can easily dip what you want in the basin – one side is to prick and the other is to spoon.

You’ll find the Lékué Chocolate Fondue set at the company’s official website, Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon for less than $20. I can already see that this is a handy housewarming gift that I’d actually use, so maybe your recipients will too. Don’t forget to pick up a few bags of Ghiradelli melting chocolate to use in it. Soon you’ll be dipping fruit, cookies, graham crackers and anything else you want in the chocolate fondue.


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