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The Hestan Cue

There are dozens of new kitchen devices that have some degree of connectivity to the internet. This makes sense for people who want to learn to cook better, save time, and already have smart appliances. The Heston Cue, however, takes connectivity to a new level. Designed for the avid cook and foodie, the Heston Cue looks like a simple induction burner, and it is that, but it does so much more. The stainless-steel pan, induction burner and accompanying app all combine to teach you to cook amazing food, all while regulating the temperature to make sure your efforts are a success.

Hestan Cue was developed by Stanley Cheng, who is one of the pioneers of cookware design. He literally invented nonstick cookware in the 1970’s and is today focused on bringing technology to the kitchen. Cheng spent two years working on the Hestan Cue with the help of software engineers, famous chefs and kitchen technologists. The result is a $600 burner and pan that are perfect for the serious chef.

There are many apps and burners which communicate via bluetooth, but the Hestan Cue is on another level. Your tablet or smartphone will show you videos of the recipes you want to make, breaking it down step by step so you know precisely what you are supposed to do. The Hestan Cue knows you take your food prep seriously, so they included many recipes that are fantastic – and curated by top chefs like Philip Tessier – no worry about the food being too bland here!

The Hestan Cue regulates the surface temperature of a pan, making nervous cooks feel better about monitoring their food. This means if you want to make salmon, for instance, the Cue knows that the ideal starting temperature is 435 degrees. It can set itself to 435 degrees very quickly and then you get about one minute to sear the fish, turning out a perfectly crispy skin. And how will you know when the one minute is up? Thankfully the app also keeps time, making the entire process effortless.

How does Hestan Cue pull this off? The pan has a heat-sensing thermocouple that transmits surface temperature data into the app. The app uses an algorithmic temperature guidance system, combines it with a database that tracks temperature against cook time and features hundreds of recipes.


The induction burner uses magnetic induction to create heat. The burner wraps the pan in an alternating electromagnetic charge that creates friction and heat in the pan’s steel. This is a more efficient transfer of energy than a traditional gas or electric stovetop. It also means that surface temperature adjustments happen almost immediately.

The only downside of the app is that there is no way to create your own recipes and enter them into the system. You have to go with the ingredients that the Hestan Cue gives you. The Hestan Cue is not really designed for a newbie. Experienced cooks who want to get better will benefit from it the most, since the learning component is robust.

The Hestan Cue is not cheap – it will set you back about $600.00. But you can check amazon for better prices. But according to reviews, the taste of the food is well worth the price.

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