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It can be hard being the odd one out of a group. Everyone wants to have a friend so when it doesn’t come natural it can be a pretty big blow. That was the case with one fox cub that just didn’t fit in with the other foxes. Then one day, he met his one true friend…

20. Soul

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Soul is a young white fox cub that lives at the A New Hope: Animal Sanctuary and Educational Center. Soul unfortunately had a rough start to his life and he’s lucky to even be alive…

19. Breeding

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Soul wasn’t born in the wild like many other foxes. Instead, he was born in a facility that breeds foxes for their fur. He could have winded up as a fur coat.

18. Sold Off

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Fortunately for Soul he didn’t end up staying at the facility for too long. He was eventually sold off to a woman that kept him as a pet. However, it was not legal for her to keep him.

17. Illegal

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In the state of Ohio, keeping a fox as a pet is not legal. The woman was taken to court where she wad forced to give up Soul. The woman was heartbroken but decided to make the next best decision for the little fox.

16. Drive Down

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The woman decided that the best place for Soul would be at the animal sanctuary. She took the long drive from Ohio to Georgia to drop off Soul. It was an emotional goodbye…

15. Better Life

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He could’ve easily been a fur coat,” Maxine Baird, director of Georgia’s A New Hope: Animal Sanctuary and Educational Center, told The Dodo. Now he’s living his life out at the animal sanctuary instead. However, it hasn’t been an easy adjustment…

14. Meeting The Pack

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When Soul was first brought over, the rescue center made sure that he was okay and ready to meet the other foxes that were at the sanctuary. Everyone was excited to see how the animals would all interact. Unfortunately it didn’t go as expected.

13. Odd One Out

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When Soul was finally introduced to the other foxes, he didn’t fit in at all. He stayed the odd one out and he couldn’t find his place within the group. the rescue workers were pretty upset for him.

12. Very Social

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He’s very social, but none of the other foxes like him. He comes on a little strong when he meets new people. He gets way up in their face and wags his tail,” Baird explained. The sanctuary needed to think of new ideas.

11. Social Animals

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It is a common misconception to think that foxes like to live in solidarity. Foxes generally live in social groups of three of four adults. They enjoy socializing amongst their species.

10. A Problem

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The sanctuary knew that Soul needed a friend. He wouldn’t be happy or healthy if continued to stay alone. So they started to brainstorm ideas…

9. An Idea

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Then one day, the sanctuary had a great idea. Soul needed a friend but who said that the friend necessarily had to be another fox? Well, that’s when the idea finally sprouted.

8. Introduction

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The sanctuary decided to slowly introduce Soul to another animal at the center. The animal was a dog named Home Girl and their first introduction was through a fence.

7. Separate

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We usually keep the dogs separate from the wildlife,” Baird explained, “but we thought maybe it would be a good idea to introduce him to the dogs.” The sanctuary never expected the reaction that they observed!

6. Great Connection

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It was puppy love at first sight,” Baird said. The two had a great connection with the fence keeping them apart. The sanctuary then decided that they wanted to test out the two mingling without the fence.

5. Excited

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Soul was so excited – wagging his tail and jumping at the bars – that we decided to let them meet in person,” Baird said. The two got along immediately. It was obviously going to be a great connection.

4. Super Friendly

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As far as foxes like Soul, he couldn’t survive in nature. He’s too friendly,” Baird said, jokingly. Because of his friendly nature the sanctuary plans on keeping Soul for his entire life. He won’t be placed into the wild.

3. Fox Friend

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We do hope to get him another friend fox in the future. We just have to find one to put up with him,” Baird said. Hopefully Soul will one day meet a fox that enjoys his eccentric nature and friendly attitude!

2. Interspecies Friendship

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Image: white wolf pack

For now, Home Girl and Soul have continued to make their friendship happen. The two often play with one another and are enjoying the perks of their interesting friendship.

1. True Friendship

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Image: white wolf pack

While it doesn’t happen very often, interspecies friendships do occur. It is amazing to see a fox who didn’t fit in finally find a best friend that accepts him for who he is.

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