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How to Remove A Fish Hook – 3 Different Ways To Pull Out A Fish Hook

I like fishing. A lot. Mainly flyfishing. I go damn near every weekend, if not more. Over all these years I have been fortunate enough to have never gotten a fish hook stuck anywhere on or in me. But I’m sure everyone can’t say that. Getting a fish hook stuck in you is pretty common and most of the time it’s not a big deal, it would just hurt like a bi*ch. There are many, many different articles, and tons of “advice” people would, and do give about how to remove a fish hook…. Well this guy shows you how to remove a fish hook like a boss. He takes 4 fish hooks, sticks them in his own arm, and calmly shows you how to remove athe said fish hooks Just watching this makes me cringe. I know I would need at least one bottle of something at least 80 proof to do something like this. Well any ways, for those of you who would like to know how to remove a fish hook properly, and like watching crazy videos, here you go.

Three different ways of removing fish hooks that are buried deeply in a persons arm are shown. Four separate hooks are inserted and removed.


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