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The HP Envy Curved All-In-One 34 Inch Desktop PC combines looks with power to give you the computer you crave

Had it not been for the bodacious 34 Inch curved screen, HP Envy Curved All-In-One 34 Inch Desktop PC B010 may not have blipped on my radar. Fortunately, it did, and I friggin’ loved reviewing this all-in-one computer. If you are the kind of guy who likes a clutter-free desktop with the latest gen hardware, this brand-new HP product is the right thing for you. Of course, the big screen is one major factor to invest in this computer from a long-term perspective, but there are other perks to having it.

When you are not working, you will fall in love with the immersive visual experience that the HP Envy 34 B010 series all-in-one computer has to offer. The screen boasts a Hi-Def LED, with 3440×1440 resolution and millions of pixels to back it all up. Movies slook amazing on the big screen, wallpapers are more vibrant & dynamic, and it gets better by the minute.

Hp Envy Curved Allinone 34 Inch Desktop Pc 501

When we look at this computer from a professional’s perspective, the screen offers a lot of real estate to work with. Let’s say if you have to work at the same time on multiple Adobe Photoshop screens, you can split them evenly without having to minimize and maximize individual tabs. However, is that screen is all there is to this AIO computer? I think not. Read on…


  • Curved IPS QHD LED Panel. Resolution maxes at 3440×1440 for unprecedented details. There is an additional anti-glare matte coating. It is barely noticeable, and at the same time, it works to enhance the visual appeal.
  • Next gen Kaby Lake CPU. The base configuration comes at $1700+ approx. and a 4GB DDR5 AMD or Nvidia GPU (*as preferred by the buyer at the time of ordering online). It is more than enough to run mediocre games etc.
  • Multiple ports support, speedy response time and competitive pricing. Other all-in-one desktop computers are priced higher with relatively low specs. At times, ports placement can be an issue if you are using multiple USBs. They are all cluttered there in the back.
  • Integrated HP Beats Audio sound system. No need to buy speakers as you can enjoy music on the go with this computer.

Hp Envy Curved Allinone 34 Inch Desktop Pc 502

The important question which you might be asking yourself is if this machine is for part time gaming. I mean, everyone loves to play next gen games when the assignments are turned in and your boss is happy at work. Or given that you are someone relying on your family for money, and you just saw this “brand new computer” at the HP website, and your intent is to buy it for gaming just because it’s expensive, then please, DO NOT proceed with the order.

If you must know, it is a portable all-in-one computer. The video cards on these computers are in the “M” category, as in mobile. Therefore, a Gtx 980M is not the same as the regular Gtx 980 graphics card as seen in the market. Both cards will give varied results, with the latter being more superior in performance as compared to its counterpart.

Hp Envy Curved Allinone 34 Inch Desktop Pc Featured

The HP Envy 34 B010 is mainly meant for professionals or working class people. When they are not working, they like to spend past time visiting websites, or by watching a couple of movies. The computer will run some games at medium to high details, but if you are looking for the ultra-immersive gaming experience, your money will be well spent on HP gaming series desktops.

Regardless, the screen, keyboard, and the entire product is packaged beautifully to offer great value for the money. There are also slightly pricier HP Envy and HP Specter series computers which are much better regarding touting out specs and overall user experience. Don’t forget to check out HP’s official website or their respective sales pages at Amazon, eBay and etc.

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