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According to urban legend, dogs and cats aren’t supposed to get along. In fact, one might say that they are known to be mortal enemies. So when Christina decided that she wanted her Husky to have a new feline friend, she knew it wouldn’t be the easiest adjustment. So she decided to do things differently and allowed her Husky to pick out the perfect cat to bring back home!

20. Christina

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

Christina is the amazing mom to a gorgeous Husky named Raven. Christina adopted Raven back in July of 2015. The two had an instant connection!

19. A Feeling

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

After some time had gone by, Christina started to realize that there was something missing in Raven’s life. Although the dog was well adjusted to her new home, Christina couldn’t brush off the feeling that they still weren’t a complete family just yet!

18. A Friend

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

Once she thought it through, Christina realized that what Raven really needed was a friend. “I had always wanted a cat and dog to grow up together,” she told The Dodo. “It’s been like a life goal.”

17. Friendship

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Image: bored panda

Although Christina really wanted Raven to have a feline friend, she knew she couldn’t just bring home a cat and expect a friendship to blossom. After all, human friendships don’t work like that so why would animal ones be any different?

16. A Choice

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

Christina knew that if Raven was going to get along with the cat that the Husky would have to choose the animal herself. So that was when she hatched the brilliant idea to have Raven meet different kitties. That way, she could pick her best match!

15. Picking Out

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Image: bored panda

I wanted them to be able to get along well,” Christina explained. “So I wanted her to actually meet the cat and have the cat get along with the dog as well.”

14. The Shelter

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

So the duo headed off to the local shelter so that Raven could begin meeting some potential friends. Christina was super excited for them to meet their new family member. However, things didn’t go off to a good start.

13. Kitten After Kitten

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

Once they got to the shelter, Raven was brought kitten after kitten. Christina waited to see which one would be the perfect match, but unfortunately, none of them seemed to click with Raven. She was disappointed…

12. Disinterested

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

Christina noticed that a lot of the kittens seemed genuinely disinterested in meeting Raven. The others didn’t quite care for Raven’s nuzzles and cuddling affections. Things were starting to look hopeless.

11. Final Four

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

Finally, the shelter staff brought out the final four kittens. The first three were once again disinterested and not really into Raven at all. However, the fourth one seemed to light up around Raven and the feeling was mutual!

10. Woodhouse

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Image: bored panda

The fourth kitten was called Woodhouse and Raven immediately took a liking to her. The feeling was reciprocated by Woodhouse. Finally, Raven met her new best friend!

9. Perfect Match

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Image: bored panda

Christina brought Woodhouse home that very same day and the friendship blossomed immediately. She soon realized that this was a perfect match as the two of them absolutely love spending time with each other!

8. Playing Around

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Image: animal channel

The duo can often be found playing around the house with each other. However, when they’re not chasing each other down, then they’re settling down for nap time. This is when the cuddle session begins!

7. Cuddles

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

They are perfect with each other,” Christina said. “They don’t cuddle as much as they used when they were a puppy and kitten. But they’re still always together, always playing together.”

6. Silly Dynamics

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

The dynamics between the two of them are quite silly as well! “Woodhouse actually chases the dog around the house,” she adds. “And they like to play tag.”

5. Inseparable

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Image: bored panda

The two of them are practically inseparable at this point! They do just about everything together including going on road trips. However, the bonding doesn’t end there!

4. Celebrations

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Image: bored panda

The duo also love celebrating special occasions together. Just check them out in their fabulous birthday attire! Have you ever seen anything so precious?!

3. Happy Days

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

Each day is filled with pure happiness for this adventurous duo. Anywhere that Raven goes, Woodhouse soon follows and vice versa. Christina is incredibly happy about how things worked out.

2. Social Media

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Image: instagram/raven_and_woodhouse

In fact, Christina is so happy about how things turned out that she even created a social media account for both Raven and Woodhouse. On her Instagram @raven_and_woodhouse, she uploads daily photos of the pair and their crazy antics. People love seeing new posts!

1. Interesting Friendship

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Image: bored panda

The interesting friendship dynamic shared between Raven and Woodhouse serves as an inspiration to us all. No matter how different your background you can still always choose to be a friend!


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