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This article is going to show you how to build your very own log cabin for under 500 dollars.

Well this would be a little more than just a weekend project, but none the less – it’s a good idea. OutsideFun1 from Youtube is going to show you how he built, and how you can build your own log cabin for $500 – without a permit. This log cabin build would be great for any deer camp, lake lot or just anywhere you might have room for a little awesome log cabin. I’d build one in my own backyard if there was room. After this check out these woodworking tips you may or may not know.

In this episode, I visit the Log Cabin after a year of being away. I discuss how I built the cabin for $500, and without needing a permit.

The log cabin cost only $500 to build. Most the the money went into the lumber that I put into the roof. As for the items that were donated, all of them were scrap to begin with. That means the donated items were worth $0, and they only took on value when I was able to make use of them.
– The stove was donated because I had a friend who had it sitting in his scrap pile and he knew I could probably use it.
– A farmer friend I knew told me that he had a bunch of thrown-out windows in a garbage pile in his back field. He said that if I could dig them out of the snow, I could have them.
– The door was a coffee table that another friend made, but he was going to throw it out because the varnish didn’t go on properly. So I took it off his hands.

My point is, that even though the above items were donated, they were salvaged items that were going to be thrown out anyway. This is another reason why I was able to keep my costs down. Because I was able to take other people’s garbage, and make them into something useful.

Log Cabin details:
– I have no previous experience in construction, only a passion to learn and build.
– The cabin is 10’x10′. While the roof section is 11’x16′
– It has 52 logs, approximately 25 inches in circumference at the base. I left them with the bark on.
– It only cost me $15 worth of gas, and $30 worth of oil to build the entire cabin with my chainsaw.
– The floor is set on 9 patio stones, with 2″x4″s for support, and 2.25″ thick rough-cut Poplar floor boards on top.
– I made square notches in the logs, which I found to be a sturdy way to fit the logs together.
– We didn’t use any machinery (except for a chainsaw). Just good ol’ fashioned man power.
– I used a heavy-duty tarp to cover the roof.
– To fill the gaps between the logs I used brown-coloured insulation. Not the best way to fill the gaps, but it’s certainly cheap, quick, and efficient.
– Since the cabin is small, I didn’t place it on any footings. The logs are sitting directly on the level ground. I’ll see in the years to come, how well the cabin holds up. But it’s already lasted through a whole winter and spring without any problems. Via – OutsideFun1

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