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Puppy Items Every New Dog Owner Needs

When you’re welcoming an adorable new puppy to the household, there’s a lot of preparation involved. Not only do you have to make sure your home is puppy-proofed, but you also need to begin puppy training, or your dog will grow up with poor habits. The AKC recommends that the most important part of raising a dog is training early, and you can get a start on day 1.


Teaching a puppy to go potty is a must for any pet owner, or you’ll be stuck cleaning up urine and poop in all kinds of inappropriate places.  Make it very clear where your puppy is supposed to potty by creating an area.

Pet Parents Pawtect Pads Washable Dog Pee Pads (2pack) of Premium Pee Pads for Dogs

Pet Parents Pawtect

If your puppy is in his crate and he has an accident, a washable dog pad like the Pet Parents Pawtect Pads will help save your floors and make clean up a little easier. They’re available in a range of sizes to cover any size dog from a poodle to a Great Dane. And when your pup has finished potty training, they’re perfect to stick into a crate for travel or in a playpen. 

BESTLE Extra Large Pet Training and Puppy Pads Pee Pads for Dogs 28″x34″ -40 Count

Bestle Puppy Pads

For those times when the washable pee pads are in the wash, you just need a disposable pad to put down. A set like these from BESTLE are perfect, and can also be used during the early days of puppy potty training. They’re 100% leak-free and feature a durable waterproof plastic layer. Available in a pack of 40 and measuring 28 x 34, they’re a lifesaver for your floors.

Petmaker Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat for Puppies and Small Pets

Artificial Grass Dog Bathroom

Even after your puppy is potty trained, there’s no guarantee they’ll “hold it” the whole time you’re away from home. That’s where the Petmaker Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat is perfect. It looks and feels like real grass, but is completely non-toxic. When the grass is soiled, you just need to detach the grass from the 2 trays, and wash with soap and water. It’s also great for outdoor use, especially if you live in an apartment or home without a yard. It comes in a small and medium, but the medium is recommended to offer even the tiniest dog’s more “turf.”

EverNary Dog Door Bell Wireless Doggie doorbells for Potty Training with Warterproof Touch Button Dog Bells

Evernary Dog Bell

Dogs are used to scratching and barking to let you know they need to be let out, but there’s a new way for them to alert us: doorbells. Your pet can just tap the doorbell with their paw or nose to signal that you need to let them out or take them for a walk. It’s also perfect if you rent your home and can’t install a doggie door. Just mount it on the the floor, door, wall, or window, and you’ll hear it with the receive anywhere in the house. The operating range is 500+ feet in an open area and it offers 55 ring tones so you can set your personal preference.

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog iCrate

Crate training requires, of course, a crate. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog iCrate is an all-inclusive model with a divider panel, carrying handle, roller feet, and dog tray. It’s a comfortable home for your dog during crate time, and measures 24 x 18 x 19. When you’re not using it, you can fold it flat to take it on the road or store it.

Puppy Treats and Accessories

Snuggle Puppy

Snuggle Puppy Pack

Puppies’ first nights in a new home can be stressful as the puppy learns to sleep on its own. You can make the transition a little easier with something to snuggle. Smart Pet Love helps recreate the maternal intimacy of a puppy’s mother with a pulsing heartbeat packaged in a cuddly friend. The plush also has disposable heat packs so it feels like a warm dog and your puppy feels like “part of the pack.” Now you can get the bestselling Snuggle Puppy, plus a snuggle blanket (48 x 30), 3 replacement heat packs, a toy, and a teething aid all in one package.

Ethical Pet Stuffingless Plush

Skineez Lamb

The great thing about these squeaky toys is that there’s no stuffing for your puppy to rip out, but they also have fun crinkle sounds dogs love. You can choose from two lengths (14″ and 23″) and your pick of animal. Ethical Pet is an award-winning pet company that’s well-known for its products, and the Skineez line of stuffingless toys are great.


BarkBox is the top-rated dog supplies monthly box with a special assortment of goodies every month. There are three plan options, Large (50+lbs), Medium (20-50 lb), and Small (0-20 lb). Each box features new dog toys and treats along a theme. Inside 2 dog toys, 2 bags of healthy dog treats, and 1 yummy dental chew. Themes never repeat so you always get something new and fun. Previous themes have included a Scooby Doo box, Australia, and the Emmys. All of the accessories are handpicked and some are exclusives. You can use your Amazon account to subscribe right now!

Goodboy Mini No Shock Remote Collar

Goodboy Mini No Shock

A combination of beautiful sleek design and high-quality training technology, this is a no-shock collar for pups 5 to 15 lbs. It’s for training and addressing problems in dogs including jumping, not coming when called, excessive barking, chewing, and other behaviors. Instead of a shock, your pet receives a vibration, one of 9 programable vibration settings. There’s also a sound that emits to deter them from the bad behavior. It’s waterproof and features 1000 feet range, good to use even in public parks or spaces. One charge gets you 16 hours worth of correction thanks to the lithium battery. Best of all, it’s a gentle way to correct your dog, and it ships with a booklet of step-by-step training instructions for 15 commands. 

Pet Craft Supply Co. Soho Round Machine Washable All Season Self Warming Cat & Dog Bed

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Round Pet Bed Petcraft Memory Foam

After all of that playing and training, you’re going to have one tired pup! Make sure they have a soft place to sleep with a cozy washable pet bed like the Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Machine Washable Self-Warming Bed. It features memory foam so it’s soft and plush, perfect for your pup to sink into, and when it’s dirty, just wash it on cold and air-dry. The sizing is 18 L x 18 W x 6 H inches too so it will fit most pups.






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