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Originally posted on October 17, 2017 @ 12:48 pm

26 Hilarious Sayings and Quotes to Share

But if you think it’s about you…maybe you should think about what you did?



I don’t even know.



Red Bull gives you carry you away from all of this!



That’s on them though. 



Just giving them what they deserve.



She’s a feisty one, yep!



I could try but it’s not worth it. 



See? I like to be myself.



I’m my own worst enemy.



Aries ladies mean business.



Stop being in my mind!



Beautiful walks away from every living soul.




Right now, I need this wine.



It feels so so good.



And if you don’t know them, well, then you should’ve.



And constantly running into people I don’t like?



I had no idea my life was so interesting!



Pretty sure it’s going to be like that the whole rest of it too.



So think carefully.



Loudly sharing our opinions. I mean, everyone has opinions, right?



That’s life for ya!



And let it destroy you in kind.



Damn those productive people who do things in the morning.



Most of them are carbs.



This hilarious irony was lost on this comical genius came up with this word!



As long as I’m comfortable with it and know it, then that’s all that matters.

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