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Who said romance only existed between humans? This penguin couple was spotted walking along the beach, hand-in-hand. You’ll be blown away when you find out why.

20. Couple Goals

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Image: giphy. Com

How many of us have walked along the beach while holding hands with our beloved? It’s a romantic way to spend the day and it helps you feel closer to your partner.

19. Soulmate Search

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Image: kuredu

The whole idea behind finding a soulmate to share our lives with can feel like a never-ending issue. All of us are constantly looking for that special someone to share a walk down the beach with!

18. Romantic

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Image: animalspot. Net

While humans like to think that they’re particularly special in the romance department, there’s another animal group that are competing for top place! Penguins happen to be far more romantic than one might imagine.

17. Companionship

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Image: yandex

Penguins absolutely adore companionship and they love having a partner there right by their side. Going out for a waddle with their partner is a fantastic way for them to spend their day!

16. Penguin Love

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Image: happiest. Net

Penguin love is truly spectacular, that’s why when someone managed to record some very rare footage of everyone on the Internet went wild. So what’s the meaning behind these two perfectly romantic penguins?

15. South Africa

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Image: youtube

It seems that two adorable penguins were making their way across a beach in South Africa. Holding one another’s flippers, the two of them walked peacefully in the sand. That’s when one person noticed the rare occurrence.

14. Filming

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Image: youtube

A Twitter used known as FreakingDani had been on the beach right when the penguins began to embark on their romantic walk. She knew that she had to capture the moment as it was too cute to turn away from!

13. Uploaded

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Image: youtube

Originally from California, she uploaded the footage onto her Twitter account. It was a mind-blowing visual for someone that was only in South Africa on vacation.

12. Gazing Out

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Image: daily mail

The footage showed the two lovebirds walking while holding their flippers and gazing out into the distance. We’re pretty sure this is what romantic novels are made of!

11. A Guess

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Image: youtube

Although no one is 100% sure where the location of the occurrence was, many are speculating that it was at Boulders Beach. The beach is around 30 miles south of Cape Town and is actually home to many of the penguins.

10. A Home

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Image: pinterest

Boulders Beach happens to be a home to a colony of African penguins. The penguins are actually known as jacka** penguins and you won’t believe how they got their unique name.

9. The Origins

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Image: pinterest

The Jacka** penguins aren’t just a colony of really rude penguins, if that’s what you were thinking. They received their name from the unique braying call that they make that sounds exactly like a donkey.

8. Native

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Image: biodiversity explorer

This particular breed of penguin is native to around 24 islands of the southern coast of Africa. This extends from South Africa all the way to Nambia.

7. Monogamous

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Image: wwf-bloggen var verden

African penguins will mate in colonies and they are a monogamous species. That means that they mate with the same partner for the rest of their lives. In fact, they have sweetest ritual that they keep up each year.

6. Yearly Ritual

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Image: woman’s world

Every year, the penguins return to the same colony with a very specific ritual. They go back on the lookout for their original mate. So why do they do this?

5. Nesting

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Image: our endangered world

The penguins search for their original partner before beginning the nesting process. Once they’ve been reunited, they create their nest and begin hatching their young ones.

4. Viral Video

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Image: youtube

The tender moment shared between the two penguins obviously touched the hearts of many online users. The video has since become a viral sensation and you won’t believe just how many believe have viewed it!

3. Lots of Viewers

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Image: youtube

Since being uploaded, the video has received over hundreds of thousands of views. People can’t seem to get enough of the affection shared between the two birds. Users even left some pretty funny commentary as well.

2. Funny Comments

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Image: youtube

Reddit user benskywalker1217 wrote: “This looks like it would be in their engagement pictures with Somewhere Over The Rainbow playing.” Another user Jeejeegooey wrote: “When penguins have a better love lives than you. Sob.”

1. Sweet Moments

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Image: youtube

It is quite obvious that these two penguins have found a soulmate in one another. Love like this doesn’t just happen every day and its refreshing to see two animals hold onto it so tightly.

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