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ThinkGeek’s Tentacuddle Blanket Will Have You Bingewatching an Episode or 2

Are you ready for mermaids to go back in the sea, and for the kraken to be released? The time for tentacle monsters getting some love is here, and it’s resulted in a new blanket from ThinkGeek. ThinkGeek first made a joke post of the Tentacuddle Blanket on April Fool’s Day 2017, and it went viral on social networks. Unlike most businesses, however, the company didn’t just move on from their April Fool’s post, they actually like made the blanket. Which is your win if you were in need of a tentacle blanket, and really, who isn’t?

Tentacuddle Blanket

Yes, you too can dress like a kraken with a cozy blanket featuring 5 separate tentacles, each with its own sucker. Step aside (or swim aside), mermaid tail blankets, because the true king of the sea is here and ready to go on your sofa. The ThinkGeek Tentacuddle Blanket, seriously, that’s the name, features a delightful green color scheme. So if Ursula is your jam, you’ve got no excuse to order the Tentacuddle Blanket because it’s tentacool! Yes, we went there.

Each tentacle, again, there’s 5, has an opening near the end for your thumb, hand or foot. They each measure 2 foot long and feature 3 suckers. The detailing to make you look like a sea creature is pretty good and the body is 40″ wide at base (not including tentacles) x 40″ tall (not including tentacles) so you have plenty to snuggle in. Sadly, it only has capacity for one human (or humanoid) so no using it on date nights. Materials are 100% acrylic yarn and the blanket can be machine washed cold on gentle cycle then tumbled dried low.

Snuggies are so over now that we have the Tentacuddle, so release the money in your wallet and get kraken. Then when it’s time to go outside and have spring fun, you can stay inside and dive into another episode or two. Because let’s face it, you’re going to want to be on the couch anyhow. Might as well make it fun.

The Tentacuddle Blanket retails for $59.99 and is available exclusively at ThinkGeek.

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