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Today’s Top 10 Funny Beaver News Memes

May 12 2021

Check out our exclusive news memes for May 12 2021 here.

1. China & Russia Want to Vaccinate Third World First

Russia China Agree On Covid Vaccine Meme

Check out the full story behind this news meme here.

2. Voyager Spacecraft Detects a Hum

Voyager Spacecraft Detects Hum Meme

The joyriding spacecraft that inspired some of the funniest news memes.

3. Monstrous Fish Washes Up on California Beach

Monstrous Fish Washes Up On California Shore Meme

Click here and read about the fish behind these news memes!

4. UK to Permit Hugging Next Week

Uk To Allow Hugging Meme

For the full story on hugging, click here.

5. Stocks Slide on Inflation Fears

Stock Market Slides On Inflation Meme

If you’re looking for the next hot tip, check this out.

6. Ransomware Hack Causes Surging Gas Prices

Ransomware Hack Shuts Down Pipeline Meme

For more on this story, click here.

7. US Fires Warning Shots at Iranians

Us Fires Warning Shots At Iranians Meme

Catch on on the latest updates here.

8. Where Will Melinda Spend Her Billions?

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Where Will Melinda Gates Spend Her Billions Meme

If you want to find out where, check this out.

9. Woman Wakes Up From Surgery With Irish Accent

Woman Wakes Up From Surgery With Irish Accent Meme

Find out if this is some sort of joke here.

10. Zoo Officials Announce 3 Leopards Have Escaped … Some Time Ago

Zoo Announces That 3 Leopards Escaped Zoo 3 Weeks Ago Meme

Find out the reason for their procrastination here.

May 11 2021

1. Israel strikes Targets in Gaza Strip

Israel Launches Rocket At Gaza Strip

Read the full story on CNN here!

2. German Green Party Leader vies for Chancellorship.

Extrampolinist Green Party Leader Bids To Replace Angela Merkel

German Politics making the news here.

3. India’s COVID19 second wave.

Indian Pm Modi On Covid Second Wave

Read about PM Modi’s struggle with India’s COVID battle.

4. Jeff Bezos’ superyacht.

Jeff Bezos Superyacht Needs Its Own Yacht Meme

Read about Jeff Bezos’ superyacht here!

5. Caitlyn Jenners on Biden and Election

Caitlyn Jenner On Election Integrity But Respects Biden Is President

Check out what Bruce, uh, I mean Caitlyn thinks of the president and the election system that elected him

6. Nasa to bring back rocks

Nasa Asteroid Return Mission Meme

Read about the Osiris-REx asteroid return mission here.

7. Detainees dig tunnel.

Detainees At Immigration Center In Australia Digs Escape Tunnel Meme

Check out this real life Shawshank Redemption tunnel here!

8. German Priests defy Vatican

German Priest Defy Vatican Meme

Read the full story here!

9. FDA oks vaccines for kids

Americans 12 To 15 Can Get Vaccine Meme

Follow the link for more covid vaccine memes.

10. NFL star DK Metcalf runs fast but not fast enough.

Dk Metcalf Fails To Qualify For Tokyo Olympics Meme

Read the full story on this Viral NFL star.

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