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This Nebraska Veteran wanted to give back to his community so he turned his wheelchair into a snow plow, then plowed the entire neighborhood.

Everyone already knows that a huge winter storm is about to hit the eastern United States this weekend, bringing with it tons of snow, and people are getting ready. Some people plow with trucks. Some people plow with tractors. Not this guy – Meet Justin Anderson, an Iraq War Veteran and amputee in Bellevue Nebraska. Justin Anderson took his wheelchair and turned it into a pretty awesome snow plow. Justin gladly helps plowing the neighborhood and the local elementary school. But this isn’t a one time thing, Justin has been doing this pretty much every time it snows in his neighborhood. Justin Anderson, with his snow plow wheelchair, is an awesome example of a great American. That’s what’s up. After this check out what this Marine did at the DMV.

“I don’t want kids or parents having to go through the snow and possibly trip or hurt themselves,” said Anderson. “I had a half-dozen people stop to take a picture because they hadn’t seen a chair like this before.” – “The community has supported me immensely with my struggles and tough times as I had a leg amputated and my fight with brain cancer. This is my way of giving back” – Jason Anderson told WOWT 6 News


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