28 More Funny Quotes to Crack You Up -

28 More Funny Quotes to Crack You Up

Did you get what you want?

God imagining insects and animals is my favorite thing.

Use these useless apps!

The most-needed thing. 

I don’t feel like I’m dying. 

Good game of hide and seek.

Worst. ever.

And you gotta believe the deals on bananas!

Clicking through, clicking through..clicking through. Nope.

He was kind of smart.

The age-old battle.

Maybe. Small maybe.


Ah, unless you’re the dishwasher..

Useless garbage.


What a day. I say. Before it even begins.

If I go NOW, then I get 6 hours..

Teach me!

Oh man, that sounds nice.

What happened?

So. Sick.


Forget him!

Why do I walk and chew so loud?

A dab will do ya.

Easy life.

Now I have to delete everything ever – but not those things!