33 Hilarious Letter Board Messages -

Hilarious Letter Board Messages

Unassailable advice.




Aren’t we all?


If only I couldn’t relate to this!


Said in my house every summer.


An addendum to the famous song.

Mother Nature with the radar gun.


What a relief.


… right down Santa Claus Lane!


Pipe down, Siri.


No wonder it’s so busy.


Too sad.


Or it ran off with the missing tupperware lid.



Post this in every office.


Wise advice.




Ah scratchy paper towels!


Me every day.

Yawning right now.


The only way to keep it clean.


Definitely the treadmill.


It would be a better world.


When not at Target…


So that explains the couple fights that happen at Ikea.


It’s the Official Certification Test.


Every adult needs a pound of ibuprofen in the cabinet.

It’s the first sign of Gen X aging, I’ve been told.


That’s what she said.


How do we opt-in?


Especially this time of year.

Algebra season too!


It’s never quiet.


Famous last words.