3,800 Yard Shot - Hill Country Rifles Show You How It's Done.

The fellas down at Hill Country Rifles are about to show you what a 3,800 yard shot looks like.

So the guys over at Hill Country Rifles weren’t satisfied with only having a 3,600 (about 2.04 miles) under their belt, so they decided to go for 3,800 yards (about 2.16 miles). And they made it. The shot was made with a .375 CheyTac rifle and the flight time of the round was over 7.4 seconds.

On June 20th, 2015, Jim Spinella and the HCR team hit a 36” plate from a remarkable distance of 3800 yards (2.16 miles). The shot was made with the Hill Country Rifle Extreme Long Range Carry Weight 375 CheyTac at the FTW Ranch in Texas. This new rifle weighs 12.5 pounds without the scope. This shot is said to be a new world record. We will settle for a fun one.


Hill Country Rifle Extreme Long Range Carry Weight 375 CheyTac
Rifle Weight:: 12.5 pounds (without scope)
Stiller Precision action (http://www.viperactions.com)
Benchmark match, 27” fluted 1:11 twist barrel (http://www.benchmark-barrels.com)
McMillan A3/5 adjustable stock customized by Hill Country Rifle to fit action (https://www.mcmillanusa.com/mcmillan-…)
Hill Country Rifle Accurizing with aluminum pillar and glass bedded action (http://www.hillcountryrifles.com/hcr/…)
Baer Custom trigger guard and 7 round DBM (https://www.lesbaer.com)
Jewell trigger, set 2.0 pounds
Nightforce Beast 5-25X56 Scope (http://nightforceoptics.com/beast)
Hill Country Rifle custom 200 MOA scope mount with Nightforce 34mm rings
Benchmark Miller Brake for recoil reduction (http://benchmark-barrels.com/Benchmar…)


Swarovski STR80 MRAD spotting scope with 20X60 eyepiece and camera adapter


375 CheyTac precision ammunition with 350 grain match bullets (http://cheytac.com/ammunition/)


Muzzle Velocity: 3044 fps with extreme spread of only 6 fps
Ballistic coefficient: .810 G1
Barrel Twist: 1 in 11 inches
Twist Direction: Right
Distance: 3800 yards
Temperature: 86°F
Humidity: 50%
Air Density Altitude: 4280 ft
Wind Speed: 16.5 mph
Wind Angle: 17°
Time of Flight: 8.593 sec
Velocity at target: 850.7 fps (fyi, typical 45 ACP pistol is ~830 fps)
Energy at target: 562.4 ft-lbs


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