Blind 18-Year-Old Dog Who Wouldn't Let Go Of Shelter Worker Is So Happy Now -

Seeing abandoned dogs in a shelter is heartbreaking. Those pups feel lost and it’s so difficult to adjust and trust others. But when we’re talking about old dogs that lived for years with their owners and one day they end up alone in a shelter, that’s gut-wrenching.

Most old dogs don’t have a chance to get adopted, and most kills shelters would euthanize them. But this cute 18-year-old dachshund finally got lucky, even though she was blind. She felt someone close to her and wouldn’t let go…

20. Living in a Dog Shelter

Living in shelters is not the best life for a dog. It’s better than living as a stray, but it’s a problem if they get to kill shelters. And an old dog like Muneca doesn’t stand a chance… However, one little gesture she made saved her life!

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