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Even though they might try to communicate with us, we just can’t understand animals. While some dogs might be trained to bark whenever they want something, it’s difficult to tell what they really want.

This is why a man started getting worried after seeing a lost dog wandering around town. However, everything changed when that man took a closer look at the dog’s collar.

20. Tyler Wilson

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The man in this picture is Tyler Wilson and he is the one who wanted to give this poor doggy a helping hand. The dog seemed to be lost, but this wasn’t exactly the case.

19. A Helping Hand


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The first time that Tyler saw the yellow labrador was when he was pumping gas for his bike. Tyler didn’t understand why someone would leave a dog out in the freezing cold and he decided to help out.

18. Finding The Dog’s Owner


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Tyler took some pictures of the yellow Labrador in hopes that he might be able to find his owner over social media. Tyler also says that the dog was a bit scared of him and he started thinking that someone probably hurt him in the past.

17. Getting Closer


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Seeing that the dog is scared of him, Tyler decided to approach him slowly in order to gain his trust. You won’t believe what happened next!

16. Rolling Around


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The dog started rolling around as soon as Tyler touched him. It was just like the dog was asking for belly rubs. Isn’t this adorable? Then the man notices that the pooch was wearing a collar…

15. He Has A Collar


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As the dog was rolling around, Tyler saw that he had a collar. Tyler got curious and decided to take a closer look at it and he was amazed by what he saw!

14. Strange Collar


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“My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home”, said the collar. Tyler was relieved to find out that this poor doggy has a home. But was he doing on the street?!

13. Parting Ways

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Seeing that Dew has a home and that this isn’t the first time that he hangs out on the streets, Tyler decided to part ways with the yellow doggy. Let’s see what Tyler did when he got home.

12. Local Celebrity


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Tyler couldn’t help himself from being intrigued by Dew and decided to look for his family. Tyler quickly found out that Dew is somewhat of a local celebrity and that everyone knows him.

11. Loving Family


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Tyler also found out that Dew has a loving family that cares for him. However, this wasn’t the only thing that Tyler found about Dew…

10. Living Good


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Dew didn’t only have a loving family, but he also had a nice home. The family who owns Dew has a huge 50-acre farm where Dew gets to run all day long. However, the yellow Labrador still loves to roam the streets more than anything else in the world. But there’s another thing that makes this pooch special and you won’t believe what it is!

9. Something Special


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As Tyler was finding more and more information about Dew, he stumbled upon something truly special. Keep reading to find out what that is!

8. Facebook Fan Page


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Dew had his own Facebook fan page! Isn’t this amazing? What do you think people talked about on Dew’s fan page?

7. Amazing Encounters


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The dog’s fan page was filled with posts about people who shared amazing experiences with him. The locals loved meeting Dew and Dew loved hanging out with them! His family though…

6. Worried Family


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What’s amazing is that Dew’s family never got worried about him. They knew that he likes solo adventures and they let him have fun. This isn’t the only thing that helped them to not be worried whenever he ran off! Keep reading to see what it is.

5. Coming Back Home

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Dew’s family says that the yellow Labrador always made sure to come back home. No matter what happened, Dew always made it back on the 50 acres farm where his family was waiting for him.

4. Adventure Dog

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The best thing about Dew is that he is always happy. This is why people love meeting him out on the streets.

3. Happy Dog

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Dew is a happy dog that loves two things. Those things are solo adventures and people! Mandy, Dew’s owner says that she has a special dog and that people love spending time with him.

2. Adventures and Excitement

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Who could blame Dew for loving adventures and excitement so much? Isn’t this what we all dreamed of when we were kids?

1. Friendly Dog

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As you can clearly see, Dew also loves hanging around with cats. How would you feel if your dog roamed the streets all day long like Dew does?

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