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Lions are the most fearsome animals in Africa. They are known as the kings of the jungle and this is not an understatement. All other wildlife is always on the lookout for lions and that’s because they hunt nearly everything. However, the pictures that you are about to see will change your perception of them!

20. The Serengeti

20 Serengheti

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The Serengeti is an incredible location where all types of animals gather. The fields are filled with wildlife and this is what makes it a hot spot for tourists who love safaris.

19. Beautiful Place

19 Beautiful Place

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The plains of Serengeti look so beautiful that they are jaw-dropping. However, there is a big problem with this location… Keep reading to find out what it is.

18. Hungry Lioness

11 Roaming Around

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Our story starts when this hungry lioness spots a newborn wildebeest and his mother. The lioness doesn’t waste any time and goes in for the kill.

17. Going In For The Kill

10 Minuts Old Offspring

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Without giving it any second thought, the lioness goes for the newborn wildebeest. What do you think the mamma wildebeest does as a response?

16. Scaring Off The Lioness

9 Mother Tries To Scare Off

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The mamma wildebeest does her best to scare off the lioness. Sadly, this doesn’t work!

15. The Lioness Is Not Scared

8 Lioness Doesnt Get Scared

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Even though the grown wildebeest did her best, the lioness didn’t get scared at all. The mamma wildebeest isn’t able to do anything else than to simply watch how the lioness smells her calf.

14. The Calf Is Terrified

7 Calf Is Terrified

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The calf is terrified and doesn’t know what to do. The newborn wildebeest doesn’t know how to run and just stays there. You won’t believe what the lioness did next!!

13. Strange Behavior

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6 What Does She Do

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For some unknown reason, the lioness keeps on sniffing the baby wildebeest. Something strange is going on…

12. Hesitation

5 Hesiates

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Fortunately, the lioness hesitates to kill the wildebeest. You won’t believe what happened just after this!

11. Surrogate Mother

4 Treats Lion Like Mother

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The calf doesn’t know what to do and starts treating the lioness like its mother. This is a big mistake and it might prove to be deadly! Keep reading to see how the lioness reacted.

10. The Two Get Along

3 Misterios Reason

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To everyone’s surprise, the lioness doesn’t attack the baby wildebeest and keeps her around. A couple of hours pass by and the lioness starts getting really hungry…

9. The Lioness Goes Hunting

2 Runs Awya

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The lioness decides that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the baby wildebeest and goes off running to hunt some food. This is an incredible moment and the cub was more than lucky!


1 Comes Back To Save Her

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It looks like this baby wildebeest is the luckiest animal in the world because after the lioness left him alone, his mother came back to pick him up. The mamma wildebeest recognized him by scent! Here are a few things that you need to know about the place where these animals live…

7. The Place Is Crowded

18 Crowded

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The biggest problem with Serengeti is that its crowded with all sorts of animals. You won’t believe just how crowded these fields can get…

6. ThousandsĀ Of Animals

17 Really Crowded

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As you can clearly see, the fields can get quite crowded. This makes it difficult for animals to find safe water and food sources in Serengeti.

5. Wildebeest

16 Mostly Welderbeast

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Wildebeest are the animals who mostly populate Serengeti, but they are not alone. Check out the following pictures to see what I am talking about.

4. Zebras

15 Mixed With Zebras

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Wildebeest usually mix with zebras. Even though they might not like this, they have no other option because the place is filled with predators and their strength lies in numbers.

3. Friendly Bunch

14 Friendly Bunch

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Despite their differences, zebras and wildebeest have to like each other because predators tend to stay away when different packs gather in one place.

2. Gazelles

13 Gazeles

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Gazelles also stick next to wildebeest and zebras in fear of predators. Talking about predators, you won’t believe how many of them live in Serengeti.

1. Fierce Predators

12 Predators

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Serengeti is filled with predators and hyenas are some of the fiercest. It is a wonderful place and we’re glad that mother nature takes care of them all.


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