A Family's Daughter Is Dying So Her Nanny Makes A Heartwarming Decision -

15. A Nanny


A nanny is a job that is to be taken seriously because of how influential the caretaker can be in the child’s life. Many nannies are special to the families that they work for and they even become apart of the family. One nanny went above and beyond what any parent would expect…

14. Kiersten Miles


Kiersten Miles is a 22-year old nanny who had been working for the Rosko family for only about three weeks when she had to make a decision that would change their lives forever. One of the family’s three children was about to be in a life-threatening situation…

13. How They Met


Miles, being a young student, needed a job to help support herself, but knew she needed on that would be just right for her. She connected with the Rosko family through friends, and quickly fit right in with their family.

12. Not Just A Job


She started looking after the three children every week. Quickly, it became her favorite thing to do. It didn’t feel like a job at all; she loved it.

11. A Special Bond


Miles turned out to be a great nanny, as she quickly formed bonds with all three children. She quickly had a special connection with the family’s youngest child, Talia. The little girl was only nine-months-old when the family began to realize she was sick…

10. Baby Talia


Baby Talia was born with a rare genetic liver disease. The baby needed a new liver or she was going to die, something no parent ever thinks they’re going to hear.

9. Courage


When Miles heard what was happening, she didn’t hesitate for a second to offer a portion of hers. In a time of such prevalent selfishness and individualism within society, it’s amazing to see such an act of courage, selflessness, and solidarity. There is still hope for humanity!

8. Surgery


Donating a portion of your liver is a massive surgery that involves weeks of recovery and it entails some risks. Nevertheless, Miles knew she wanted to help and didn’t care about the risks.

7. The Liver


The liver is essential to clear the toxins out of the body, and replacing a section of one is a dangerous operation. It takes hours on the operating table and with almost double the amount of people on the waiting list as on the donor list, it was a miracle Kiersten was so eager to help.

6. Fate


When she got the test results back, it was like it was fate–she was a perfect match! It was official, the little girl was going to be okay and the family was going to get their miracle. Although, it was going to be a rough road…

5. George And Farra


Parents George and Farra knew what this meant and didn’t want to force Kiersten into any drastic decisions. They needed her liver for their child but they knew they couldn’t ask her and didn’t want her to regret it later. This was truly a selfless action, one they could never repay.

4. Transplant


The surgery was 14 hours long, but luckily, it went without a hitch. Both Miles and Talia were on the road to recovery. Talia needed nine days of hospital recovery and Talia was out in five!

3. A New Life


Although the little girl had received a new liver and was at one point extremely sick, she was recovering extremely well. She could now do everything any other little kid could do and she was loving it.

2. A Superhero


Kiersten is truly a Superhero and she will always remain one in the eyes of the Talia and her family. This young woman saved this child’s life and didn’t even bat an eyelash at the risks that could affect her for the rest of her life.

1. Heart Of Gold


The family and community still can’t stop talking about the heart of gold that Kiersten has. Her kind act has gone viral and is the type of story that brings this country together, instead of dividing us. Spread the story and spread the love!


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