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Seeing abandoned dogs in a shelter is heartbreaking. Those pups feel lost and it’s so difficult to adjust and trust others. But when we’re talking about old dogs that lived for years with their owners and one day they end up alone in a shelter, that’s gut-wrenching.

Most old dogs don’t have a chance to get adopted, and most kills shelters would euthanize them. But this cute 18-year-old dachshund finally got lucky, even though she was blind. She felt someone close to her and wouldn’t let go…

20. Living in a Dog Shelter 6

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Living in shelters is not the best life for a dog. It’s better than living as a stray, but it’s a problem if they get to kill shelters. And an old dog like Muneca doesn’t stand a chance… However, one little gesture she made saved her life!

19. Left Alone in a Shelter

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Muneca is an 18-year-old Dachshund that was left at a shelter after she lost her family and her home. But her life was even more miserable, as she was also blind. With no family by her side, in a dark world, we can only imagine how she felt…

18. Looking for Love 4

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The senior blind dog was looking for someone to cuddle with. And when she first felt a woman next to her, she hopped in her lap and didn’t want to ever let go. This is how Muneca became a famous old pooch… And she got more than that!

17. At The Shelter 3

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This old dog was living at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles. One day, a volunteer called Elaine Seamans, saw Muneca sitting alone. She approached the senior dog and then was blown away…

16. The Volunteer’s Work Was Rewarded 9

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It was clear that Elaine loved these dogs because Muneca felt it and she immediately jumped into her arms. Then the senior dachshund found love and comfort and wouldn’t want to let go. Elaine felt like she was holding a baby. It was something special about her…

15. This Dog Was Different 1

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The staff at the shelter couldn’t believe their eyes when Muneca leaped into Elaine’s arms. It was as if the poor dog knew that it was her last day at the shelter. This dog was too old to get adopted or live a healthy life…

14. Her Final Day 2

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Muneca was scheduled to be euthanized later that day. It was as if she knew it was her last day and she just wanted a hug. But that hug made her famous when a photographer saw Elaine and the pooch. He captured the moment and this next thing happened.

13. At the Right Time

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John Hwang was at the shelter when he saw the heart-melting moment. He said: ‘When I got to the shelter, Elaine was already holding the dog. The dog was clinging on to her.’ His three photos became viral and soon Muneca became a star…

12. It Was Only The Beginning 5

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This act of love and with John Hwang’s timing helped Muneca to get a chance at continuing her life, even if it was for a few more months. Not many dogs can live that many years! The photos were posted on Facebook and then the most amazing thing happened!

11. Hwang Knew Elaine 8

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“Elaine is so amazing with the dogs,” Hwang said. ‘She’ll roll on the ground with the shelter dogs. She’ll kiss them. She really has a special chemistry with them. I love capturing that.’ And his photos were the ones saving Muneca’s life. The next photo is heart-melting!

10. Sending an Emotion 1

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‘The person who sees the photo – I want them to feel something. I want them to feel a connection,’ Hwang says. “If I can capture the right sort of connection, then the person who sees the image will feel it too’. And the message got seen and felt by these people…

9. Frosted Faces Foundation 4

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Muneca’s story reached a foundation that takes in all old abandoned dogs, takes care of them, finds them foster parents and happy homes to let them live their lives until they pass the ‘rainbow bridge’. Muneca would soon get a place among the Frosted Faces.

8. We’re Getting You Out 6

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Muneca was out of the shelter and now was with the Frosted Faces Foundation that wanted to help in any way they could. They got the senior dog to a vet for a check-up and then it all turned out to be a happy ending story!

7. Fostering Muneca 6

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After the senior dachshund passed the vet check-up, the foundation looked for a foster home until there was a family ready to take her in. Muneca would finally get the love she so much longed for. And that’s when the great news came…

6. There Were Dozens Of Applications 7

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Muneca’s story had a lot of people in tears and many families lined up to adopt her. The executive director of Frosted Faces, Kelly Smíšek said it was a difficult time for the Foundation because they had to pick someone appropriate…

5. We Found Her! 8

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They found a person that seemed perfect for the little pooch: it was Amy Gann. This is what Kelly Smíšek said: ‘We screened a lot of people and talked to all their references.’ And, to complete their trial, they also ‘home-checked a bunch of people’.

4. It Was a Perfect Match 2

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And when Amy met Muneca, you could see it was a match made in heaven! Smíšek later revealed her nervous moments when she was waiting to meet Amy: ‘By the time we approved someone and they drove to San Diego, I met them, I was very nervous.’

3. Seeing Amy With Muneca… 3

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‘I thought, ‘I hope we picked the right person.’ And immediately, it was, ‘Oh my Gosh. I’m so glad she’s going home with you’’, said Smíšek. And we’re all glad that Amy took in Muneca. Just look at how many happy memories they’ve had so far!

2. Perfect Together 5

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Muneca’s time on Earth was limited, but her new mother was not giving up on her senior dog. She took good care of her pooch and she even wrote back messages to Smíšek saying she cannot let go of the pooch for a second…

1. She’s Our Baby 7

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‘I can’t put her down’, said Amy. ‘I have very close family and we pass her along like a new baby in the family.’ Muneca got to walk on the beach and enjoy picnics with her family. And even though she cannot see anymore, she enjoys the company, the warm sun, the fresh air and life!

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