Full Auto M4 In Slow Motion - 18,000 FPS

Shooting A Full Auto M4 In Slow Motion

Watching people shoot a Full Auto M4 in Slow Motion  is ALMOST as cool as actually shooting them. ALMOST being the keyword there…

There are just WAY too many Youtube Videos of Slow Motion Shooting, Millions of them….  And most of them suck. So I just picked out one damn good one. Shooting a Fully Automatic M4 Carbine. You can’t beat 18,000 Frames Per Second. These Slow Motion Guys did a great job.

Full Auto M4 In Slow Motion 2

Shooting A Full Auto M4 In Slow Motion

[youtube id=”gD7pd03L43k” width=”100%” height=”340″ position=””]

Thought I’d just throw this one in as well..  Might as well get a Big-Ass Explosion in Super Slow Motion as well….

Huge Building Explosion – 2500fps

[youtube id=”bTUu4ZLtDSs” width=”100%” height=”340″ position=””]


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