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The crew over at Mythbusters show you what a rail tanker implosion looks like.

So Mythbusters aired an episode where they created a rail tanker implosion to show the world what this rare occurrence would look like.. I don’t really want to get into all that science stuff,┬ábut here is the the myth that Mythbusters were examining.

In the original story, two rail workers steam cleaned a rail tanker car at the end of the day, then sealed it up, closing every hole and hatch. It rained, cooling the steam and creating a temperature differential, which means the external pressure was greater than the internal pressure, and the steel tank caved in. But to recreate the effect required a lot of effort, finding someone willing to part with a tanker car for the test, locating somewhere safe to perform the experiment, and getting permits. It took the final season to bring everything together.

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