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10 Funny AF News Headline Memes For May 30 2021

1. Biden Only Spends Weekdays at Whitehouse

Biden Only Spends Monday To Friday At White House Meme

Read about this president’s weekend trips.

2. Viral Video NFT Sells for $761,000

Charlie Bit My Finger Nft Meme

Find out about the latest NFT transaction.

3. Unmanned Cargo Ship Docks with Unmanned Space Station

Unmanned Cargo Ship Docks Meme

Read about the details of this rendezvous.

4. US and HK Climbers Set New Records on Everest

Friends Mega Fans Not Ready To Stop Meme

Find out about this crazy episode.

5. American Airlines Stops Serving Alcohol on Flights

American Airlines Stops Serving Alcohol On Flight Meme

Read about the latest developments on this policy.

6. Yet Another Mass Shooting in US

Yet Another Florida Mass Shooting Meme

Find out more about this tragic story.

7. Americans Don’t Want to go Back to Work

Americans Don'T Want To Go Back To Work Meme

Check out their reasons for staying home.

8. Europe Redraws Aviation Map After Belarus Hijack

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Redrawing Aviation Map In Europe Meme

Read the details of this dramatic change.

9. Leonardo Painting Part of $1 Billion Transaction

Leonardo Art For 1 Billion Dollars Meme

Find out about this bizarre story in the art world.

10. Boris Johnson Marries Young Wife in Secret

Boris Johnson Cradle Snatching Meme

Read about this secret ceremony.

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