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Funny Beaver News Memes May 13 2021

1. Secret Service Recover Billions

Secret Service Recovers Billions Meme

Check out the full story here.

2. Don’t Fill Plastic Bag With Gas

Don'T Put Gas In Plastic Bag Meme

Read about why not to put gas in plastic bags.

3. Flight to Nowhere fully booked

Flight To Nowhere Meme

Read more on the Qantas Supermoon flight.

4. Bitcoin Crash After Tesla U-Turn on Bitcoin

Bitcoin Crashes Meme

Read about Elon’s Surprise U-Turn.

5. Tokyo Olympics Cancellation Up To IOC

Tokyo Olympics Cancellation Meme

See what people are saying about cancelling the Tokyo olympics.

6. SpaceX Lands Starship Successfully

Space Mars Starship Lands Successfully

Elon’s not all about crashing things… Read about SpaceX’s successful landing here.

7. Buy a $1 House in Italy

Buy A Home For 1 Dollar Meme

Read about how to buy a $1 house in Italy.

8. Foreigners banned at Great Wall

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Foreigners Banned From Great Wall Meme

Read about these tourists behaving badly here.

9. Police Fires Tear Gas At Protestors Outside Columbian Soccer Stadium

Police Fire Tear Gas At Protesters At Soccer Stadium Meme

Read more on the gassed soccer players here.

10. Global Airlines Cancel Flights into Israel

Global Airlines Cancel Flights To Israel Meme

Read about the flight cancellations here.

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