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Top 10 Funny Headlines Memes for May 20 2021

1. India Running Short of Black Fungus Drugs

Black Fungus Drug Shortage  Meme

Read more about India’s precarious situation.

2. National Hurricane Center Reports Pre-season Hurricane

Hurricane Before Hurricane Season Meme

Read about the first hurricane of this season.

3. France and Austria Opening Bars

France Austria Opening Bars Meme

Read about France and Austria’s decision to open bars.

4. Elon Musk Visits UK

Elon Musk Uk Visit Spurs Tesla Plant Rumor Meme

Find out why Elon Musk is visiting the UK.

5. Why is Processed Pet Food So Addictive

Pet Food Addictive Meme

Find out why your pet loves his kibbles. For more pet memes, check these out.

6. Barack Obama Asked About UFOs

Obama On Ufo Meme

Find out more about what Obama knows and doesn’t know.

7. Biden Backed Up By US Navy in South China Sea

Biden Backed Up By Us Navy Meme

Read about the Navy’s Freedom of Navigation voyage.

8. Solar Panels Production Hinges on Forced Labor

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Solar Panels From Forced Labor Meme

Read to find out more about the world’s solar panel supply chain.

9. Drinking Any Alcohol Damages Brain

Any Alcohol Damages Brain Meme

Read this before you pour your next glass of wine.

10. 3D Printed Statue of David on Display in Dubai

3D Printed Statue Of David Meme

Read about how this 3D printed statue could boost tourism to Florence.

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