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10 Funny News Memes for Monday

1. Driver Crashes Car Due Cicada in Face

Driver Crashes Car Due Cicada Meme

Start your week off with this story.

2. Colorado Officials Observe Gray Wolf Pups

Colorado Officials Observe Gray Wolf Pups Meme

Wanna know more? Just click on through.

3. New Israeli Prime Minister Sworn In

New Israeli Prime Minister Sworn In Meme

Need to know the details of this story?

4. Remote Working Trend

Remote Working Meme

Click through now to find out what happened.

5. Off Duty Airline Staff Attempts Hijack

Attempted Hijack Meme

Satisfy your curiosity by reading the whole story here.

6. Volkswagen & Audi Customer Data Stolen

Volkswagen Audi Customer Details Hacked Meme

Discover the reason for this development.

7. Bezos Auctions Off Spare Space Seat

Bezos Auctions Spare Space Seat Meme

Interested in finding out the facts? Click on through.

8. Suspected Radiation Leak at China Nuke Plant

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Radiation Leak In China Nuke Plant

Get up to date on the latest for this story.

9. G7 Calls For COVID Origin Study

G7 Calls For Covid Origin Study

Find out the latest on this.

10. Germany’s Controversial Vaccine Campaign

Germany Vaccine Promotion Meme

Check out the full details on this conversation starter.

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