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10 Funny News Memes for Monday

1. Free Perks for Vaccinated on Dating Apps

British Anti Vaxxers Dilemma Meme

Start your week off with this story.

2. Kate Winslet Fights to Keep Belly Shots

Kate Winslet Fights To Keep Belly In Sex Scene Meme

Wanna know more? Just click on through.

3. Roger Federer Calls it Quits at French Open

Roger Federer Withdraws French Open Meme

Need to know the details of this event?

4. US Navy Christens Only Ship Named After Foreign Capital

Us Christens Only Foreign Named Ship Meme

Click through now to find out what happened.

5. Asians Worldwide Speak Out on Workplace Discrimination

Asians Speak Out On Discrimination Meme

Satisfy your curiosity by reading the whole story here.

6. Microsoft Removes Tank Man Images

Microsoft Removes Tank Man Meme

Discover the reason for this development.

7. Senators Take Military Flight to Taiwan

Senators Take Military Flight To Taiwan Meme

Interested in finding out the facts? Click on through.

8. Human Remains Found in 2 Mexican Voting Booths

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Human Remains Found At Mexican Voting Booth Meme

Get up to date on the latest for this story.

9. Harry and Meghan Welcome Baby Girl

Meghan And Harry Welcome Baby Girl Meme

Find out the latest on this.

10. Scientists Discover Chocolate Tree Frog

Scientists Discover Chocolate Tree Frog Meme

Check out the full details on this conversation starter.

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