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Funny Today’s News Headline Memes May 15 2021

1. Chelsea Clinton Fact Check

Chelsea Clinton Did Not Tweet About Jesus News Headline Meme

Read the full story here!

2. CDC New Guidelines on Masks

Vaccinated People No Mask Meme

Follow the latest on CDC’s guidelines.

3. Feds tracking facebook posts for conspiracies

Feds Tracking Facebook Posts Meme

Find out how the feds are tracking your facebook posts.

4. Boris Johnson dividing United Kingdom

Boris Johnson Dividing Country Meme

Read more on how Boris is securing power.

5. China Lands Mars Rover on Mars

China Lands Mars Rover Meme

After not knowing where their Long March Rocket would land on earth, China has successfully landed their Mars Rover on Mars

6. Man Last Seen with Missing Tiger is Jailed

Stolen Tiger Meme

Find out what happened here!

7. Panic Buying Houses.

Panic Buying Houses Meme

See why people are panic buying houses.

8. GOP Leaders Voted Against Impeachment to Save Themselves

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Gop Voted Against Impeachment Meme

Read the details here.

9. Lists Building Portrayed on Friends Show Friends Experience Meme

Find out more about the Friends’ experience here.

10. Cat Survives Jump From Burning Building

Cat Loses 1 Life Has 8 More Meme

Find out how many lives this cat has left!

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