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Contrary to what you might think, cats come in a huge variety of colors and fur coats. However, not all of them are as unique as the cats on this list. Be prepared to be amazed by some of the most beautiful cat coat patterns you’ll ever see! Your jaw will drop at #10 & #4.

20. Two Faces

This is Venus, the two-faced cat. She has become a serious Internet sensation due to her incredibly unique face. She has heterochromia, which explains her unique look! Next, we have the ultimate hipster cat.

19. Mustachio

This is Hamilton the hipster cat. Hamilton has a pretty sweet mustache going on. You can usually catch him at the local coffee shop indulging in some cat nip.

18. Masked Hero

Is it a cat or is it a panda? This gorgeous cat happens to look like he’s wearing a mask. We’d advise you not to leave your belongings around when the cat burglar is around.

Next we have a cat whose face is in constant shock.

17. Surprised Face

This is Sam, the cat with eyebrows. Sam typically has a pretty shocked expression on his face. Still, we’d never want him to tweeze those beauties! Next, be prepared for a mind blowing cat inception post.

16. Cat Inception

This cat happens to have another cat plastered right on his back. It’s almost like he got a tattoo of himself on his back. With this cat you get double the cuteness!

15. Costumed Up

Here we have another cat that has designed to throw on a disguise. You’d totally be fooled if you didn’t already know this was a cat.

14. Marble Design

Bored Panda

You’ve seen marble countertops and floors but have you ever seen a marble looking cat? Well, here you go. This cat is a true art piece. Our next cat is a special surprise on his behind that will leave you shocked.

13. Exclamation Mark

Bored Panda

“This is my cat Paco. I also call her exclamation butt.” Talk about an exciting photo…

Next, we have a cat that will make you think of your favorite dessert.

12. Cinnamon Roll

Here we have an adorable and rare cinnamon roll cat.  With his chubby face and cinnamon roll print, this cat is definitely top tier cuteness.

11. Heart

Bored Panda

This adorable little kitty has a heart shaped nose. If that isn’t lovely then we don’t know what is? If you thought this was the last heart shaped cat you’d see, however, you were wrong.

10. More Love

Bored Panda

Here we have one of the most perfectly shaped hearts on a cat’s body. When this cat curls up his spots sync up perfectly to create a heart. It’s almost too good to be true.

9. Batcat

Bored Panda

Nananannananananana Batcat! This cat looks like he’s ready to fight crime and bring justice to the city – c’mon, just look at his face. Next we have a cat that also looks like he’s impressed.

8. OMG

Bored Panda

This cat looks like he’s always saying, “Oh my gosh!” The expression on this cat’s face is adorable and perfect.

7. Double Sighted

Bored Panda

You definitely won’t be able to get away with sneaking around with this cat around. This cat has real double vision and he isn’t afraid to use it.

6. Self Portrait

Bored Panda

Bored Panda

This cat has a mini cat version of himself right on his face. His mini me is always tagging along and ready to go on adventures. Next we have a cat who’s a real #1!

5. Number 1

“My friend’s cat has a number 1 on its forehead.” This cat seems to be a real winner as he’s always in first place!

4. A True Fighter

Bored Panda

“There’s a sword in my cat’s fur.” He looks like he’s ready to protect his home and his owner at all costs.

3. Queen of Spades

If you look closely, it kind of looks like this cat is wearing a coat or a nice cardigan. Either way he has a great sense of fashion. Talking about a great sense of fashion, our next cat has a great knack for picking hats.

2. Top Hat

Bored Panda

This little fluffy cutie looks like he’s always wearing a top hat. Talk about being a real snazzy dresser. Finally, we have a cat that has the coolest looking “tattoo.”

1. “Cat”

Bored Panda

This cat happens to have the word “cat” spelled right on him. This is super cute but only really applies to English speaking countries.


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