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20 Motivational and Inspirational Quotes to Carry Into the New Year

Quote May He Give

You can do what you believe you can.




Quote New Year Verse

What new direction in life will you choose?




Quote Optimist Stays

Say goodbye.




Quote I Hope That

So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, take risks, and fail. Just keep doing!




Quote Cheers To New Year

We got 365 chances!





Quote Bad News Time Flies

Steer on.




Quote Year Make

This minute.




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Quote This Will Be

Make sure of it.




Quote Youre About To

Make it a brilliant one.




Quote Winners Lose

Don’t be afraid to lose either.




Quote Bear In Mind

Be determined to succeed daily. Even if it’s small.




Quote When Everything

Things aren’t always easy.




Quote Ring Out The False

Let’s do it.




Quote Billy Butler

How amazing!




Quote New Year

And what a chance you have.




Quote Now We Welcome

What exciting and wild things will it bring?




Quote Celebrate More

Make a fuss.




Quote Character Is

Stick with it.




Quote Every Time You Tear

There’s so much opportunity for growth here.




Quote Think In Terms

Day by day.


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